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BIGGEST Insta360 X3 discount ever! 10% off + FREE 128GB Micro SD + Free selfie stick

Biggest Insta360 X3 discount

Insta360 X3 is on sale for the holidays and it’s the biggest discount ever offered: 10% off plus a free 128GB Micro SD card and a free selfie stick!  You won’t find this deal for X3 on its store.  You’ll only get the bonus 128GB card and selfie stick if you use my affiliate link.

Why is the Insta360 X3 popular?

Insta360 X3 (reviewed here) is the most popular 360 camera on the market as of October 2023.  Not only does it have excellent video and photo quality that beats GoPro MAX but it also has best in class convenience and ease of use.  Features such as Me Mode allow you to shoot a third person view with no reframing needed.

What about Black Friday?

An Insta360 representative told me that this is the biggest sale for 2023, and even though there will be a Black Friday sale, the offer will be the same.

Should I get an Insta360 X3 or GoPro MAX?

I’ve compared the Inta360 X3 and GoPro MAX in detail and the summary is that if you are using your 360 camera on a tripod, with your lens facing the subject, then GoPro Max will be more detailed.  But if you are using your camera with a selfie stick to get a third person view, then the X3 is much more detailed.  X3 is also more convenient and easy to use.

Should I get an Insta360 X3 or a GoPro Hero 12?

A traditional action cam such as the Hero 12 or Hero 11 is more sturdy and has a simpler workflow.  After shooting, it’s ready to edit or share.  But the biggest advantage of the Insta360 X3 is that it can capture a third person view, like an invisible flying camera.  You don’t need to worry about getting the shot or how to frame it.  Instead you can focus on having fun with your family and friends, then reframe the shot the way you want when you get home.


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