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GoPro Max back on sale for $399!

GoPro Max is on sale for $399, just a month after GoPro raised its price to $499. What does this mean for GoPro?

Background: GoPro’s Price Increase Last Month

Last month, GoPro adjusted their prices across the board and raised the price of the Max to $499.  Why did they have the balls to do that during this tough economy, pricing it $70 more than the $429 Insta360 X3?  I think maybe they thought that people would stay loyal to GoPro because of brand recognition and they underestimated the demand for the X3.

By raising the Max’s price, they unwittingly offered the 360 market to Insta360 on a silver platter, solidifying Insta360’s market share.


After GoPro raised the price of the Max, Insta360 X3 solidified its iron grip over the 360 camera market.
After GoPro raised the price of the Max, Insta360 X3 solidified its iron grip over the 360 camera market.

GoPro’s U-Turn on Max Pricing

Why is the Max on sale now? I’m just speculating here but I think GoPro found that their Max sales fell off a cliff after the price increase and they are testing whether sales will come back if they reduce the price.  They may have admitted that the $429 Insta360 X3 is more than a legitimate threat, and that people would prefer the X3 in spite of having less brand recognition than GoPro.  In fact, if GoPro had been paying attention, Insta360 X3 is currently the best-selling 360 action camera, and has a far better sales rank (#8) than the Max (#17) among Amazon’s Sports and Action Cameras.

In any case, I’m glad that GoPro is readjusting the price. It could mean they want to stay competitive in the 360 industry and that they are not surrendering it to Insta360.

A second possibility is that they are getting rid of inventory in preparation for the Max’s successor. This is the best scenario that I’m wishing for.  I’m hoping the Max successor will use the Hero 11’s 8:7 sensor.

A third possibility is that it could be a fire sale before they get out of the 360 industry altogether. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

Is the Max a good buy at $399? Check out my comparison between Max and Insta360 X3.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  • We live in curious situation I hope that news about apple with their glasses make happens to gopro max 2 make happen) I saw a lot of news correspondence use max, just yesterday ) max have more inbuilt sound record. So max still very cool camera ) also in low light it is more I think then insta)