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Turn your 360 photo into a tiny planet video with 3D effects, win the NEW Vecnos selfie 360 camera

How would you like to turn your 360 photo into a tiny planet video with animated “3D” effects?  You can do that with the new IQUISPIN app, and you could be one of 50 lucky winners of the new ultraslim Vecnos selfie camera.  Here’s a sample:

IQUISPIN is a new app for turning your 360 photos into tiny planet videos, with animated effects such as stars, hearts or fireworks.  If the effects remind you of the 3D effects in the Theta app, that’s because IQUISPIN is an app by Vecnos, a Ricoh spinoff that is creating an eponymous ultraslim 360 camera (with four lenses!), which it calls a “selfie camera.”

The IQUISPIN app is available on both iOS and Android, and can work on 360 photos from almost any camera as long as they are in stitched equirectangular format, with 2:1 ratio.  Use your 360 camera’s app to stitch the photo before importing it into IQUISPIN.  The photo resolution should be 8K or less (8192 x 4096), which includes almost all consumer 360 cameras.  If the photo exceeds that resolution, such as the photos from the XPhase, the app will resize it but I found that the resizing does not work correctly as the aspect ratio changes to 1:1 and the photo looks half as wide as it should be.  Instead, I recommend resizing in a 3rd party app such as Lightroom before importing the photo into the IQUISPIN app.

The app is very easy to use.  After importing the photo, you simply apply a template, and you can customize the animated effect, such as bubbles or feathers, then the video will be exported to your phone’s gallery where it can be shared.  There are currently 14 templates grouped into 3 categories: Selfie, Small Group, and Large Group.


To celebrate the launch of the IQUISPIN app, Vecnos has begun a contest where they are giving away 50 Vecnos selfie cameras to the best entries (it is based on merit, not random).  Here’s how to enter:

Step 1:  Follow the official IQUISPIN account on Instagram for your region:
Japan: @iquispin_jp,
USA, UK, France, and Germany: @iquispin

Step 2: Create a mini video using IQUISPIN, and then post it on Instagram.

Step 3: When posting, add 2 hashtags (#). One must be #iquispin, and the other can be from any of the following categories:

  • #party – Meals with friends and family, cocktail parties, and other fun and festive events
  • #travel – Moments from memorable, spectacular, adventurous, unusual or inspiring travels
  • #life – Share your unique hobbies, craft projects and other expressions of who you are
  • #pet – I love my pet! – All best friends welcome
  • #art – Everything is art. Anything creative, new or a different angle, unique point of view
  • #newnormal – Document your new/different ways of commuting, ways of working, renewed focus on family, slowing down and being more mindful during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

The contest period is until September 30, 2020.  Please note it is open only to residents of US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan.

Meanwhile, here are more samples from IQUISPIN.  Incidentally, the photos seem to have excellent stitching, although they didn’t say if these samples are from the Vecnos camera or another camera.  However, the fact that the app is limited to 8K seems to suggest that the resolution of the Vecnos will not be higher than 8K.

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  • Are they serious about that? Or is it 1st of April? This hilarious ‘shi.’ cant be the marketing idea behind the followup of the great(est) and seriously reliable Theta cameras? Or is it? ‘Wt.’ are they thinking of us? Do they really think that this is a proper way to market a new 360 camera? I don’t want to insult anyone, but the latest marketing moves of the mostly Chinese 360 companies let you consider their mental sanity. Is this pure panic, causing such ‘BS’? The move of Insta360 to take away the possibility to edit One X footage with the “new” effects is plainly stupid. And now this? I only hope my trusted Theta V, and my “no bullshit” Xiamoi Misphere will carry me over this horrible developments of the last months… Sorry, for talking straight forward…

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