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Learn the NEW Insta360 Studio in 15 minutes! (FREE video editor)

Insta360 Studio 2024 has been updated and you can now combine videos from your 360 camera, smartphone, action cam, drone, or other camera with music, titles, and transitions.  Learn how to use this free video editor in just 15 minutes!


Insta360 Studio is a desktop app for Insta360 cameras. It started as a utility for 360 cameras to stitch 360 photos and videos into a format that could be viewed in other software.  Over the years, Insta360 has added more features to it such as Timeshift (hyperlapse and slow motion), Deep Track (AI-based subject tracking) and more.

The latest update to Insta360 Studio is the most significant update ever.  It now enables you to combine photos and videos, adding music, titles, and transitions.  And yes, it works even with non-Insta360 cameras such as your smartphone, GoPro, drone, or other camera, turning it into a video editor.

Although its capabilities are basic for a video editor, I expect that Insta360 will keep improving it and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a much more advanced video editor in just a few years.

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    • The Deep Track is AI-assisted. But if you mean shot labs effects, you’re right. Studio doesn’t have any of them.

  • Hi
    I just tested Mac version of Studio with the sample Insta360 X4 video. I am surprised that I cannot enforce the direction lock neither with Direction Lock feature nor with key frames. As the movement direction is changed, the direction lock is lost. Is it a know bug or is there any work around/mitigation?

    • There are two easy ways to keep the view focused on the subject. First, you can use Deep Track. Just Deep Track yourself and you’ll stay in the middle the whole shot. The second option is to use Me Mode. In Me Mode, the shot will stay focused on you. See this video for some creative ways to use Me Mode: https://360rumors.com/x3-no-keyframing/