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MADV Madventure 360: features and specifications; comparison with Xiaomi Mi Sphere; sample photo and video

Madventure 360 in stock on Amazon
Madventure 360 in stock on Amazon

December 28, 2017 update: Madventure is now in stock in Amazon, for $309.99 with free one day shippingShould you get one? How does it differ from the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere? Here are the specifications and details.  For more information on availability, pricing and value, see here.

Update history:
October 19, 2017: photos removed pending the formal product launch; sample 360 photo and sample 360 video addedcomparison with Mi Sphere

madv madventure 360 camera sample 360 photo and sample 360 video

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere emerged from nowhere and upended the 360 camera industry with its amazing image quality, low price, and the industry’s first built-in stabilization.  Even now, in my opinion, it is still the best 360 consumer camera for photos and among the best 360 cameras for videos.

But now there will be a new variant of the Mi Sphere. It’s the one you see in the opening shot above — the one that looks like a orange Mi Sphere.

Madventure 360 - the new version of Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera
Madventure 360 – the new version of Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera
Madventure 360 - the new Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera
Madventure 360 – the new Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera

Madventure 360 - the new version of Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere
Madventure 360 – the new version of Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere

Here is an unboxing by Ben Claremont (Life in 360):

Here is an actual hands-on photo of the Madventure 360 by Samantha Huang of Veer.TV

Hands on photo of the Madventure 360 camera
Hands on photo of the Madventure 360 camera

Madventure 360 features and specifications

Here are the specs

Lens typeTwo 190-degree fisheye lenses
Photo resolution6912 x 3456 (23.88 mp*)
Video resolution: 3840 x 1920
2304 x 1152 @ 60fps
2048 x 512 @ 120fps (Bullet time)
ISO50 to 1600
Shutter speed1/6400 to 32 seconds
Exposure modesAuto
Shutter priority
ISO priority
Image stabilization6-axis, built-in (phone not needed)
Waterproof?IP67 water resistance
Storageremovable Micro SD up to 128GB
Included accessories: invisible selfie stick
GoPro mount adapter (1/4-20 to GoPro adapter)
USB cable
mini tripod
soft case
Color:orange instead of black

Other features:

– “bullet time” type effect (hemispherical 120fps mode)
– “free capture” type effect through screen recording
live streaming (resolution unknown; rumored to be available in January)
– price: $309.99
– other specs, such as the 6-axis image stabilization, IP67 water and dust resistance, are the same as for the Mi Sphere.

The bullet time effect, free capture style effect, in-camera photo stitching are now found in the Mi Sphere as well.   Although the Madventure has a higher nominal video resolution than the Mi Sphere, the extra resolution is merely interpolated.  It does not offer additional detail compared to Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere.

The key differences from the Mi Sphere are the selfie stick, GoPro adapter and possibly the live streaming.

Madventure 360 sample photo and sample video

Here are samples from Samantha Huang:

Here is a sample 360 photo

Here is a sample 4K 360 video

Comparison with Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere

According to Jason Wang, who leads the Madv team, the Madventure 360 has identical hardware inside, and the change is primarily for marketing purposes (to sell the camera to regions that are not available to Xiaomi).

Madventure 360 and Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere are identical in hardware
Madventure 360 and Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere are identical in hardware

In other words, the improvements in the Madventure 360 camera are also coming to the Mi Sphere.  So current Mi Sphere owners don’t have to worry about being abandoned.

Availability and price; is it a good value?

Madventure 360 is now available on Amazon, currently for $309.99 with free one day shipping.  Is it a good value compared to the Xiaomi Mi Sphere?  It’s hard to say.  Mi Sphere prices fluctuate frequently, making it hard to compare them directly.  The Madventure 360 will include the dedicated selfie stick and the GoPro adapter.  The big questions are the software features — some of the future features such as live streaming might not be available for Mi Sphere.  If live streaming is exclusively for Madventure 360, that would be a logical justification for the price difference.  The other benefits are more ephemeral — namely, the exclusivity of the orange color, and the satisfaction from supporting the small but talented team of Madv engineers who designed the Mi Sphere.  Meanwhile, the Mi Sphere is on sale hereCheck this page for additional discounts.

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  • Is this essentially the same camera but with new firmware (slightly increased video resolution and frame rate) and an included selfie stick? Or is it really new hardware, chip, optics etc
    Personally I think I would paint mine black! Still very interesting though!

  • 0) Good news! Glad to see some improvements to an already worthy camera
    1) Can we come up with a better name for the camera? Seriously, the camera (and the app) would be easier to promote, find, and purchase if it (now “they”) had better/shorter names.
    2) Stick v.1.2 needs a standard tripod screw at the bottom. v.2 needs to be something like Benro MK10 (v.3 could be something with an included battery.)

  • Wonder if it it will just be a firmware update or new hardware and if it will be available on existing mijia sphere. Was looking at buying a mijia sphere but will probably hold out until this is released

  • Aside from what you said, believe this baby has built in EIS, and water proof (IP67) from the video. Did I mention both iPhone or Android phone users are all taken care of? Not with Insta360 ONE (iPhone only).

    That invisible selfie stick is super cool and fun. I’ve seen that in previous videos with people skiing like not holding anything.

    I LOVE orange. I think it is super cool for outdoors. Can’t wait to grab one when it comes out!

  • Hi Mic,

    “to sell the camera to regions that are not available to Xiaomi” > Would this mean it becomes available in Europe? Because I can’t find the Sphere here anywhere?

    regards, Frank

      • Hi Mic, yes I saw that. The thing is, in the last years when I ordered something outside NL or EU countries, I usually had to pay extra import duties when it arrives, sometimes a nasty surprise. And, obviously, now I would rather buy the Madventure since it’s newer 🙂

        Upto now I’m quite happy with my Kodak Orbit 360, but the stitching becomes a tad annoying. Also judging by your reviews, I may have a better experience with the Madventure.

        regards, Frank

  • Hopefully they ship to Australia soon. With Amazon Australia opening just recently it would be a good way to get into our market, rather than us have to rely on going through 3rd party delivery companies who charge a fortune.

    • Hi everyone. FYI Rob found the solution – which is to turn off “cellular data.” and now he can see the preview. thanks for sharing the solution Rob!
      Best regards,

  • Mic thanks for your reply and marvellous attention to details on 360. I finally started to dig in the Xiao Mi MadV 360 (the lovely orangy one 🙂 specs and i would like to expose a question…. i have 2 mobile phones:
    – One very old Motorola G8 (and with a small screen) but with Android 5.1 in it though. This device is compatible to download the Mad Venture software app from Google Play which i did.
    – The other phone i have is a more modern (with a wider screen) Huawei P8 lite with Android 6 in it. Even though this is a later version of Android, the App is “not compatible with your device” though. (??) Strange isn´t ?

  • After 500 times of use the battery becomes dead. And so the camera, as the battery is not removable. I worry a lot now. If i use it twice a day, it will only be usable for a bit more that one year ? Is this a short lasting investment cam ?