Major update to Osmo Pocket adds Story Mode, 24fps and several other improvements

DJI Osmo Pocket story mode added in update
DJI Osmo Pocket story mode added in update

Osmo Pocket (reviewed here) got a major update that added many features, including the previously announced Story Mode.  Check out the improvements here.

Osmo Pocket January 2019 update
Osmo Pocket January 2019 update

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  • The firmware update for the osmo Pocket changes this camera into a spectacular product. Move PRO mode into the camera was a game changer. Previously the functionality of PRO mode was there but needed to be initiated from a smart phone. The settings available from the osmo were rudimentary. Even turning on raw mode required a smart phone. PRO mode is essentially everything not in automatic in settings in exposure (time,ISO,ev) whitebalance( (wide range of values and display formats) and JPG / RAW.

    I have had this camera for a week and spend a lot of time hiking in back country. This is a good addition. As many have noted a “small” addition. Built in 360 panos in two 180 takes in two takes. Full 360 is possible but a little more complex with 3X3 shots about 150degress wide each.