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Meta Quest’s v56 update solves one of its biggest problems

Why update v56 is the one we've been waiting for

Meta Quest update v56 could make the Quest dramatically more usable by fixing one of its most important flaws: being forced to update your software.

Tell me you haven’t experienced this: you just tried this awesome app on Quest and can’t wait to show it to your family and friends.  You ask them to try it and then they get the message that the app has to be updated.  It’s a total buzzkill.

Fortunately, Meta is finally solving this problem.  Update 56 has a new feature that will automatically update the Quest and all apps even when the Quest is turned off.  You’ll have the option to have the Quest automatically turn itself on and update the firmware and apps when you plug it in.  You’ll also see the battery level when you shutdown, which will help remind you whether you need to plug it in.

I’m really looking forward to never having to worry about updates again.

Other improvements

The update also improves hand tracking by reducing latency up to 40% and as much as 75% during fast movement.  Here’s a demo:

The update also enables livestreaming to Facebook, with the option to have comments or record your microphone audio so you can talk to your viewers:

How to get update 56

You can check your version number in the Settings.  If you have voice commands enabled, say “Hey Facebook” then when you see “Listening…,” say, “Software Update.”

If you don’t have voice commands enabled, you can use the menus:

  1. On the right controller, press the Oculus button to toggle the home bar.
  2. Click on the clock on the left side of the home bar to launch the Quick Settings.
  3. From the Quick Settings menu, click on the Settings on the upper right corner.
  4. Click on System on the upper left corner.
  5. Push down on the right joystick until you see “Software Update” on the left side.

From the Software Update menu, you should see if a Software Update is available.   You should also see your Version number.  If your Version number starts with 55 or anything lower, then you don’t have 56 yet.

If you don’t see an update available, just wait.  Update 56 is being rolled out gradually (so as not to overwhelm Meta’s servers).  You may want to try using your Quest more in the meanwhile.  Meta might prioritize sending the update to more active users first.

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  • Did they also solve the problem, that the updates eat up your free Memory like nothing? On my 256Gb Q2 with around 10Gb free all Updates stop because not enough Memory. I had to delete around 40-50Gb, only to Update the already installed apps. Even some shared apps on the same device needs to be downloaded and updated additional for every account.
    Not to talk about pairing the thing every quarter again with every users meta account????

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