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World’s highest resolution 360 camera: Mosaic Viking captures 180MP at 5 fps


Mosaic Viking is the world's highest resolution 360 camera
Mosaic Viking is the world’s highest resolution 360 camera

What is the highest resolution 360 camera in the world?  Meet the Mosaic Viking, a professional 360 camera that can capture 180mp photos at up to 5 fps using six APS-C size sensors.  Here is a sample 360 photo.

Until now, the highest resolution professional 360 camera to my awareness had been the 2017 Google Street View camera, with seven optical sensors (plus two LIDAR scanners) that could capture 140 megapixels:

The Google Street View camera has seven sensors and captures 140 megapixel photos
The Google Street View camera has seven sensors and captures 140 megapixel photos

The new Mosaic Viking captures 180 megapixels with six 31mp APS-C size sensors.  Here’s a sample 360 photo posted by 360cities’ Jeffrey Martin:

The photo quality looks exceptional.  The fact that it can capture these high resolution photos at 5 fps makes it even more incredible.  It might even be fast enough for Street View with a car moving at around 35mph.  Note: The minimum distance for Street View is 10 feet between shots.  This means that when shooting at at 5 frames per second, the Mosaic Viking can move at up to 50 feet per second, which is around 35 mph.

Mosaic hasn’t posted the price for the Viking, but needless to say it is only for large companies.  Jeffrey Martin said, “Let’s just say it costs ‘a couple of high end Teslas.'” if you want to find out more about the Mosaic Viking, you can inquire at their website here.  For consumers and prosumers, the highest resolution 360 camera is still the XPhase, with a capture resolution of 200 megapixels and a stitched resolution of 135 megapixels.  Here is a review of its newest version, the XPhase X2.

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