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New Insta360 Venture Case 2.0 ready to order now

The new Insta360 One X Venture Case
The new Insta360 One X Venture Case
The new Insta360 One X Venture Case
The new Insta360 One X Venture Case

The new Venture Case for Insta360 One X (reviewed here) is now available on the Insta360 Store!  And because it has been delayed, Insta360 is providing a 10% discount until June 14, 2019.  Moreover, for those who ordered the original Venture Case, you can get the new version for free!  To claim a free Venture Case, contact Insta360.

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  • Just had a thought related to the Drifter while looking at the new Venture case: Since the new Venture case has a frame around it, could Insta360 be redesigning the Drifter to use the Venture case 2.0 instead of the bare camera? This seems like it would make sense to me, especially, again, since the Venture has a frame.


  • I have the new venture case.
    It is not something you want to use all the time. It takes lots of time to replace the battery. First unscrew the screw from the GoPro mount completely. Then remove the black bracket (2 hands), then open the case (2 hands). Then you can access the camera.
    That said, I understand the new frame, takes stress of the plastic case. And I will use the case for the action stuff or elsewhere where damage to the cam is a larger risk.
    Another disadvantage reported is sun reflection in the plastic case.

  • Preordered one on Amazon with prime, they sent it with Amazon carrier who damaged package and marked it as undeliverable. So now have to wait 10 days to get my refund and have no more chance to reorder it because it’s not available anymore. Some kind of Venture Curse. 🙁

  • Dand I went to order from the insta360 store and they want to charge me $18 shipping. Anywhere else that is reputable that has this?

    • Hi tk. Sorry, it is not yet available anywhere and due to demand, it might take a while before it becomes available on Amazon. You can try your luck on Aliexpress, but that would be a bit of a gamble.

    • $18 is for Fedex Shipping. Actually you can contact Insta360 support and they will offer you standard shipping method. You would have to wait up to 2 weeks anyway for it to be shipped because of a giant queue.

  • finally started using the new venture case but man what a design flaw these cameras are due to the protruding lens. my venture case barely touched the ground with one x inside and i have fresh scratches already on the venture case. atleast its not on the lens.
    But I think people might end up ordering quite a few of these cases or hopefully some 3rd party makes a scratch proof venture case.

    • Hi krackgoat. Almost all 360 cameras use fisheye lenses, and fisheye lenses must protrude from the body. The only cameras I know where the lens doesn’t protrude are cameras that have more than two lenses and don’t use fisheye (e.g. Aleta S2C).