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NO EDITING NEEDED: Qoocam 8K update adds Supervlog and Vlog Live stabilized non-360 shooting modes

Qoocam Studio keyframing
Qoocam Studio has been updated to add keyframing

Do you want to use your 360 camera for non-360 videos but you don’t want to have to do any editing or reframing?  Kandao released updates for Qoocam 8K (reviewed here) firmware, phone app (both iOS and Android) and Qoocam Studio desktop app.  The updates to the firmware and app added new stabilized non-360 shooting modes called Supervlog and Vlog Live, with automatic reframing.  Meanwhile, Qoocam Studio was updated to the ability reframe videos.  Here’s how they work.

Qoocam 8K is the world’s first 8K 360 camera for consumers, and it has some of the most innovative features such as Express DNG8 (in-camera Raw burst stacking).  Now, Kandao has added some new features to create stabilized non-360 (aka reframed or overcapture) video without editing.

Supervlog is a new shooting mode that enables you to capture a stabilized non-360 video with automatic stitching.  You can choose the aspect ratio such as 16:9 or 3:4 portrait.  The app will show a stabilized view in your chosen aspect ratio.  After shooting, the app will ask if you want to save and export the video.  If you click OK, the camera will automatically stitch your recorded video and export it as a 4K non-360 video in the aspect ratio you chose.   The original unedited 360 video will remain available in the camera’s memory, so you’ll be able to reframe it in other ways if you wish.

I tried this feature and it appears to work as advertised.  The video is stabilized for pitch, yaw and roll, but you can move the camera along the x, y, or z axis to aim it.  In addition, while recording, you can change the view by swiping on the screen, pinching to zoom.

Supervlog is currently limited to 2 minutes, and using it requires the app (it cannot be activated from the in-camera menu).

Vlog Live mode is a new live streaming mode in non-360.  As with Supervlog, you can choose the aspect ratio.

Qoocam Studio reframing:  Kandao also updated Qoocam Studio to add the ability to export 360 videos as reframed non-360 videos, with keyframing (pitch, yaw, roll, field of view, and radius).  You can also change the aspect ratio from 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 2.35:1.   You can also change the projection of the reframed video from rectilinear (the default), to asteroid (stereographic projection, aka tiny planet), or “crystal ball” (fisheye).   It is also possible to keyframe the projection by changing the parameters for field of view and radius.

Qoocam 8K is available for $599, direct from Kandao, from Amazon, or B&H Photo.

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  • So is this like the direction lock VS world lock on my Insta360? I noticed that I had to add a ton of key frames in a moving vehicle on my 8k.

    • Hi GCustom. It seems to be something different from insta360 flowstate or direction lock. If you hold the camera steadily while turning around, the camera will keep its view focused on you. But if you are not moving and you turn the camera around, the view remains fixed, so it is different from direction lock.