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Best Roundme Alternative: Share high resolution virtual tours on Teliportme (2023)

P360 is the fastest virtual tour website
Best Roundme alternative in 2023

Roundme supported gigapixel resolutions but in the past year, users have been unable to upload new photos (including yours truly).  Fortunately, there’s a Roundme alternative: is a virtual tour website that supports sharing of 360 photos up to 32,000 x 16,000, and yes, they will be displayed in full resolution.  Their developers’ tests also show that Teliportme is the fastest loading high resolution virtual tour hosting site.

There are very few websites that support high resolution virtual tours.


To test the image quality and resolution of Teliportme, I uploaded a photo from XPhase, the highest resolution 360 camera on the market, to Teliportme.  Then I compared the photo on Teliportme to the one on my hard drive.  Here they are, side by side.

XPhase on P360 (left) vs my hard drive (right)
XPhase on Teliportme (left) vs my hard drive (right)

You can see that the image quality is pretty close.  I’ve done similar tests with other websites, and Teliportme has among the highest fidelity.  This is why I’ve begun using Teliportme for the 360 camera comparison tool.


The developers at Teliportme (in the images they are named P360) didn’t want to make just an empty claim about speed.  They wanted to prove that what they’re saying is true.  The following speed test results were provided by Teliportme.  These are not my tests.  I don’t have time to re-test myself, but please feel free to conduct your own tests if you want to confirm the results.


Here are comparisons of the time it takes to upload a photo.  The chart shows photos at two sizes: 3.7MB and 20MB.  This chart shows that for photos of 3.7MB, Teliportme has the fastest upload time (shorter is better).  For 20MB photos, Kuula was the fastest, while P360 was second-fastest.  According to Teliportme developers, “Kuula pre-processes the content before uploading it to their server, where the file resolution is reduced.  These measurements doesn’t include the time involved in resizing that content.” . This bounds perfect for a product you are looking to buy as a Roundme alternative.

virtual tour website upload time

The results are based on five trials for each website.

virtual tour website upload time (the lowest time is the best)


Next, here are comparisons of the amount of time it takes to show a photo from the time the user enters the URL. This chart shows that Teliportme has the fastest loading times.

virtual tour website load time (the lowest time is the best)

Here are the data:

virtual tour website load time (the lowest time is the best)


Finally, Teliportme developers compared the amount of time it takes to load a photo after clicking a hotspot.

hotspot load time (the lowest time is the best)

hotspot load time (the lowest time is the best)

Here is a link to their study.


Teliportme has among the highest image quality and fidelity for virtual tours.  At the same time, tests appear to show that it has the fastest upload time (for photos that don’t need compression), fastest virtual tour loading time, and fastest hotspot loading time.   You can try uploading your virtual tour to Teliportme here.

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      • If you write an article you need to worry about the trueness of the results. The study doesn’t say the test conditions, it was tested by one guy 5 times and it is already the fastest virtual tour software with an unknown conditions and server location …

        After asking in FB, they have been tested with the examples for each software. Completely different tours, with different resolutions, different compressions, different panorama count, different skin complexity, different hotspot count or using the same hotspot… This study isn’t serious and it isn’t independent, just the company saying his product is the best…

        You have an important target audience, you can’t write this kind of articles with the “tests show that P360 is the fastest loading high resolution virtual tour hosting site” sentence without test it yourself. Or is it undercover marketing?

        • Thanks Pablo. They didn’t pay me for anything if that’s what you’re wondering. I can’t test everything and right now I don’t have time to test it but I can test next time if I have time. Meanwhile, I invite you to conduct your tests too and let me know if you get a different result.

    • Yes – I think TeliportMe has better features overall. Koala seems really new and very basic features. 🙂