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Top 10 Best 360 photo sharing apps in 2023

Share 360 photos free

Our Top Pick :

Share Unlimited 360 photos for free using

TeliportMe provides robust iOS and Android apps for capturing and managing your 360 photos even without a 360 camera.

If you’re equipped with a 360 camera like Insta360, Ricoh Theta, Trisio, etc., TeliportMe stands as an ideal choice with its seamless integration capabilities.

TeliportMe’s mobile application flawlessly synchronizes with major 360 cameras, allowing you to capture and upload your immersive experiences in just 3 simple steps. Additionally, it supports the highest resolution display, accommodating DSLR cameras up to 32K (paid).

To effortlessly share 360 photos using the website at no cost, follow our step-by-step guide

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If you are looking for more options, below is a list of 9 more 360 photo sharing apps and sites.

  1. Facebook (Free, supports both photos and videos). In 2020, Facebook pushed out a new interface that unfortunately had poor support for 360 photos, which now appear small.
  2. Google Photos. (Free, Android; iOS; browser). Google Photos will recognize 360 photos and videos and present them as such. As with Street View, it wasn’t designed as a social media platform, so it doesn’t have likes or comments. In fact, unless you share a photo with someone else (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), only you will see it.  I use Google Photos a lot, especially to upload photos to the cloud to save space on my phone.
  3. Kuula (Free & Paid – browser, Gear VR).  Can show your 360 photo in a spherical view or tiny planet view.  Pro subscription required for some features.
  4. Momento360 (Free & Paid, browser, Gear VR; both photos and videos).  Momento360 is a way to share your 360 photos and videos privately.  It is less of a social media app for exploration, and more like a 360 photo and video hosting and sharing service.
  5. 360 Cities (Free & Paid, browser; supports both photos and videos). Most of the 360 photos on appear to be high-resolution 360 panoramas captured with a panoramic head, as opposed to those taken by a 360-degree camera. Photos uploaded to 360 Cities can be licensed.
  6. (Free & Paid, browser). is different from the other options here.  It is not so much a photo sharing service per se, but a way to host 360 photos and embed them in your webpage.  In that regard, it is somewhat similar to Google’s VR View but simplifies the process.  Thank you very much to Etienne Leroy of V360 video editing app for adding this to the list.
  7. Panotica (Free & Paid, browser).  Thanks to Radek for adding this to the list!
  8. & Paid, browser) This is the sharing platform mostly focused for the Theta camera, does not have too many features tho.
  9. (Free & Paid, browser) Simple functionality and has a great UX for quick and fast sharing tho the speed of loading is very slow sometimes.

Some older platforms that are not functional anymore but were part of this list before

  • Google Streetview (Android; iOS; browser). Yes we all use Street View for its maps, but it is also a way of sharing 360-degree photos. In terms of exposure, your 360 photo will probably get more views on Street View than on any other platform (unless you already have many followers on that platform). However, Street View wasn’t designed as a social platform for 360 photos, so it’s missing some of the components that we expect from a social media platform such as likes or comments. It also has no real place for 360 photos of friends or family, unless there is a map location that you want to associate the photo with (probably wouldn’t want to upload photos of parties at your house).
  • Presence VR (iOS; Android).  Thank you very much to Joey Cathey for adding this to the list!
  • (Android; Google Daydream; Gear VR; supports 3D 360).  Thank you very much to John Holt for adding this to the list!  John says the list is carefully curated, so it’s intended only for your best work.  John also said they give out $360 prizes from time to time for excellent pano sets.
  • (browser; supports photos and videos).  Thank you very much to Frederic Sidler for adding this to the list!
  • InPatium (browser). Primarily for virtual tours.
  • (browser). Build virtual tours and WebVR experiences by drag and drop.
  • Kolivri (supports both photos and videos).  A big thank you to Bruno Devolder for adding InPatium, Vizor,io and Kolivri to the list!
  • Mapillary (browser).  This is similar to Google Maps, but is open source. Thank you very much to Adam D for adding this to the list!
  • Lookabout (iOS).  Lookabout is a new 360 photo sharing app that aims to be like Instagram for 360 photos.  It is currently available only for iOS but an Android version is in the works.  You can download it from the iOS App Store for free.

Do you know of any other platforms that I missed ?

Please post in the comments!

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  • Thanks for including us in this list! You guys are consistently the best and most informed roundup of equipment for sure (I picked up a Xiaomi on your rec).

    I did want to point out that Momento360 is private by default (similar to Google Photos) and we also offer the ability to host/embed/send links to single photos or albums that are freely viewable by anyone from anywhere, which may be of interest to your readership. You can also mix/match photos and videos in the same album (our video perf isn’t great, but it’s there). And the recipient doesn’t have to download an app.

    It takes the friction out of sending, and you can keep your private media private (for those of you that don’t want pics of your kids on the internet).

    Anyway, keep up the good work! You guys are going to be busier and busier every week!

    • Thank you very much Jeff! I appreciate you clarifying how Momento360 is different from the other options here. I’ll add that to the article. thanks again.

  • allows you create a virtual tour from 360 panoramas and even add sounds.
    It has very good free package and cool features in the PRO account, for example, you can add a nadir with your logo.
    It also have advanced sharing options: easy direct publishing in Facebook, Twitter, or embed code for other websites.

  • Hi, your are the best informed 360 & VR enviroment!
    Would like to be part of it. Please add our platform on your list!

    Vreel (Gear VR)
    It’s a fun way of sharing 360 photos, free social media app, on a Beta phase. Focus on being fun & simple.
    Happy to help to build this community,

    Simone Licht
    Founding partner

  • Yes, Flickr does work BUT seemingly only with 2:1 ratio equirectangular photos with the appropriate 360 EXIF data embedded.

    I’ve been a Flickr user since 2004 and really didn’t wish to start using another photo hosting service for just my 360 photos. After some experimenting with a few 360 uploads, I changed one to a 2:1 aspect ratio, uploaded it and magically the photo was viewable as immersive 360. Although I’m not a big fan of the too spherical look that Flickr displays.

    A sample:


      • After further experimenting with flickr, I note that it only displays at low resolution (2K?) despite a higher upload resolution. Even though I have “Pro” account. So I’m only using it as a “storage” site since I can download my original files. I think flickr/Yahoo dropped the 360 ball on this.

        Kuula or Roundme are the two I’m probably going to eventually settle on. After checking out most on your list.

        • Thanks Bill. Wow 2k? That’s really not enough. Maybe they are struggling with their budget. Anyway, yes Kuula and Roundme are both very good. Kuula is free but the resolution is capped, while Roundme has very high (gigapixel) resolution but has a limit of 15 uploads per week unless you upgrade to a pro account.

  • I’m desperate for a good 3D/stereo photo app, I’m on iOS though, so Gala is no good for me.

    I’d be interested if anyone comes out with one…

    • me too Alex. The guys at Presence VR said they’re working on one but when I asked about it they were just silent.

  • Mapillary has an iOS and Android app as well. Their app integrates with some 360 and action cameras for capturing geo-tagged footage, and they do unwarping and undistortion of images uploaded

  • It would be great if you could update this list. Also, the Google+ link at the end doesnt exist any longer as Google stopped supporting that.

    Thank you!

  • Take Facebook off that list. They are very broken and have UNsupported 360 photos and VR. If you manage to even get them uploaded, they’ll come out flat, small and fixed view in one direction. Pathetic.

  • Hello Mic,

    Love all the sharing you do to help 360 enthusiasts!
    I sure wish RoundMe (7 below #21 on your list) would get their act together, as I really liked it and was glad to pay their Pro membership fees until last year.

    I’ll be checking out a few others that you shared that I hadn’t yet tested.

    Warm regards,

    PS: I tried one today and hought I would share back on #15 above for 360player… I had to sign up before I could see their monthly rates (I asked on their CHAT tool, but as there was no immediate reply, I signed up for their Basic, assuming it was likely a free taste (12$ a month, and more for PRO, but perhaps not truly for professionals). Here is what I shared with them before permanently deleting my account:

    “Dear 360player[dot]io persons,

    …Found your pricing, after getting past the sign-in steps for basic.
    No thank you…

    Nice concept/idea for a player (but not at forever subscription for reduced resolution).

    Your rates are comparatively too costly for having to reduce the sizes on every panorama I was thinking of hosting here (rates are currently lower at the pro 360 hosting options I currently use with embed codes).

    It would probably be okay for displaying my Theta Z1 (personal hobby quality) images, but not for more $ than the professional hosting sites are charging.

    Although you have a PRO rate listed, I think you must be aiming for amateur clientele who are also not doing comparison shopping.

    Feel free to contact me again if your rates drop and your resolution hits at least up to 10,000×5,000.”

  • Hello Mic,

    Another for your list might be SpinAttic.

    Be aware they seem to be slow about implementing their future (“coming soon”) features. Yet, I posted a few panos a couple of years ago and hadn’t looked back in a long while. To my surprise, they still show up fine, and this was using their FREE account.

    By the way, I am a retired commercial-artist/information-technologist who captures panoramas mostly for fun. 😉

  • We use – the platform to view, store, and share virtual tours & 360° panoramas. 360ARe is free to use for basic hosting and offers advanced features with affordable plans.