Qoocam EGO launches on Kickstarter; here are its specifications and release date (updated February 9, 2022)

Qoocam Ego specifications

The Kandao Qoocam Ego 3D camera has launched on Kickstarter.  It is expected to be released on March 31, 2022.  Here are its specifications and the product launch video.

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Qoocam EGO Specifications

Here are the specifications

Sensor sizeTBD
Field of view66° H, 52° V, 79° D
Equivalent focal lengthapprox. 28mm
Interpupillary distance65mm
Photo resolution4000 x 3000 per eye
Photo formatJPG or Raw DNG
Video resolution1920 x 1080 x 60fps per eye
Video codec and bitrateH.264 60 mbps
Video formatMOV
Microphone2-channel stereo
Stabilization6-axis stabilization
Screen size2.54 inch
Screen resolution1440 x 1600, 60hz refresh rate, 847 ppi
Exposure modesAuto
Exposure compensation-2EV to +2EV
ConnectivityUSB Type C
Wi-FiWi-Fi 5
StorageMicro SD card (up to 256GB)
Tripod connector1/4-20
Battery1340mAh (5V, 2A), removable
MSRP$369 ($269 for super early bird)
AvailabilityEstimated to be March 31, 2022
Qoocam EGO specifications
Qoocam EGO specifications

Preliminary Impressions

A 3D photo I shot in 2013, in parallel SBS, shot with Nikon D600 and Loreo 3D lens
A 3D photo I shot in 2013, in parallel SBS, shot with Nikon D600 and Loreo 3D lens

I’ve been a 3D enthusiast for about 40 years now, so I am very pleased to see a new 3D camera.  3D cameras have been a niche product in the past, but as VR gains in popularity, it creates the possibility that some VR users might consider a 3D camera to capture their family moments and vacations.

3D photo I shot with the Fuji W3 in 2015, in parallel view and cross eye view
3D photo I shot with the Fuji W3 in 2015, in parallel view and cross eye view

I would like to see sample photos and videos from the Ego, and I’ve requested them from Kandao.  Besides image quality, I am also very curious about the workflow.  I expect that we should be able to review the 3D photos and videos on the viewer immediately, but the key is whether it is easy to share on social media, and on VR.  Tiktok and Instagram don’t support 3D but YouTube does, and so does Facebook.  I’m hoping that photos and videos from the EGO will be easy to share not just in 3D but in simulated 3D such as the wiggle method.  I also hope that the photos and videos are easy to share and view on a Quest or Quest 2 even to those who don’t have a Qoocam Ego.

Qoocam Ego with 3D viewer accessory
Qoocam Ego with 3D viewer accessory

How to get the Qoocam Ego for $269 if you paid the $1 reservation

Before the Ego launched on Kickstarter, Kandao invited people to reserve the Ego for just $1, which enables you to get the Ego for the Super Early Bird price of $269.  Here’s how to get the $269 price:

  1.  On the Kickstarter page, choose the “Qoocam EGO VIP Club” reward.
  2. For the pledge amount, put $269 for one camera or $519 for two cameras.
  3. If you also pledged a different level such as $279, cancel it to avoid duplicate orders.

That’s all you have to do.

Crowdfunding is not the same as buying

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform and when you “back” a project, you should be aware that you are not buying the product per se.  Rather, you are supporting the company and in return they are promising to send you a product.  In that sense, it is similar to an unsecured loan with zero interest.  The company uses the funds to lift itself by the bootstraps to produce a product that they otherwise would not have the capital to produce.

Occasionally, crowdfunding projects fail and the backers have very limited remedies.  Sometimes, the project creator refunds the money but I’ve seen many projects where the creator just keeps posting endless updates, while never actually delivering the product or sends a refund, and the backers can’t do anything about it.  FWIW, it appears to me that crowdfunding most often fails when the product is supposed to be cutting edge, such as this Exo360 drone.

Although many companies resort to crowdfunding when they have limited capital, sometimes some companies use crowdfunding as a marketing tool.  They are either testing the market to see whether there is sufficient demand for a product, or they believe that the crowdfunding campaign itself can help raise awareness and free publicity for the product.

I believe Qoocam Ego falls into this latter category.  Kandao is a reputable and established company that has a long track record of producing 360 cameras for consumers and professionals, including the Obsidian Pro, which has the largest sensors among all-in-one 360 cameras.   Kandao has had a crowdfunding project before for the Qoocam, a hybrid 3D and 360 camera, and it went through without a hitch.  The Qoocam Ego is a far simpler camera that is extremely easy for Kandao to produce, so I’m highly confident that they will be able to deliver the product on time unless there is a serious disruption from COVID.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll either pass them along to Kandao or invite them to respond directly.

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  • I backed it (backer #5 – a step down from being backer #1 for the original QooCam), and I’m confident they’ll deliver. If this were US$1000, I’d be a lot more hesitant, but for under US$300, I’m fine with the small risk of non-delivery and the larger risk of a disappointment, although I’m sure it’ll at least be amusing. I’m very excited to get mine in a few months. I suspect this will be more of a toy than anything beyond that, but I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • I would like to see sample photos and videos from the Ego

    Ha Ha ! Yes. That is what everyone is asking. I am surprised that the campaign has been so successful (fully funded within five minutes) without anyone having seen any output from this camera. I guess it confirms what I have been saying for a long time: There definitely is a market for 3D !

  • Another thing I have heard complaints about is the fact that Kandao requested a one dollar deposit to “guarantee the US$269.00 price”. Upon paying this dollar, subscribers received a message with the title “you have locked the best price of $269” Yet when those people went on the KS page today, they found that there were only a hundred units at that price and those sold out within five minutes. So… what was that dollar all about ? And what about the message title that essentially guaranteed the $269.00 price to those laying down that buck ? I think Kandao should be true to their promise and extend the $269.00 price to all who did pay that one dollar in advance – believing that this did guarantee they would get the best price.

      • I hope they do. But so far, all the people I know that paid the dollar were not able to get the promised deal.

      • Their email was pretty confusing. It said, if the slots were gone:

        “ Step 3. If you find Super Early Bird rewards have been sold out, you can still go to the [QooCam EGO VIP Club] reward level and manually increase the pledge amount into a number equal to the Super Early Bird/ Super Early Bird*2 Price.”

        So… on the one hand, this reads like they will see that as a flag to get the promised price. But on the other hand, it seems like a really easy way to pay double the price for one camera If they don’t manually edit things and make them right. I for one would have just paid the extra $10 or so for the next available level instead of gambling the extra nearly $300, and I suspect they were counting on this.

        • Sorry – I wish I could edit my reply above. You’d still pay the promised price (for one or two – I misread which slot and the amount), but… you’re still forced to hope they see that pledge in a non-camera-pledge slot and that you enter the amount exactly right.

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