Radiomaster Zorro now IN STOCK in the US in at least one store

Radiomaster Zorro in stock in the US
Radiomaster Zorro in stock in the US

If you’re looking for an affordable but high quality FPV radio, Radiomaster Zorro (previewed here) is now in stock in the US in at least one major retailer.

The much-anticipated Radiomaster Zorro is an affordable FPV radio that has almost all the important features that FPV pilots want, including a version with ExpressLRS built-in.  It was announced in December 2021, and was available for pre-order at other retailers but it seems Pyrodrone beat them to the punch, and they now have the ExpressLRS version in stock, with free domestic shipping.

I like Pyrodrone because shipping to LA takes just one day.  They could also use the FPV community’s help because they were sadly burglarized last Christmas by thieves who knew what to look for.  Please note there are several versions of the Zorro, and Pyrodrone currently carries only the version with ExpressLRS built-in.

Should you buy it?

The best alternative to Zorro is probably Jumper T-Pro ($89), which has a version with ExpressLRS built-in and can go to 1000mw output, whereas the Zorro is limited to 250mw (which is still more than enough for most people).  The T-Pro was criticized for jumping the gun and not working with the ExpressLRS developers, so it had no Betaflight passthrough if the wireless firmware update failed.  But that’s no longer a concern because ExpressLRS Configurator 1.3.6 has been released and it added EdgeTX passthrough for the Jumper T-Pro with built-in ExpressLRS.

Besides possibly getting the Jumper T-Pro instead, the other thing you’ll have to consider is whether you want to have compatibility with FrSky, which is still the most common radio protocol for BNF quads as of January 2022.  If you want the option to use Frsky, you get a Zorro or Jumper T-Pro with CC2500 module (which works with FrSky) then get an external ExpressLRS module, such as HappyModel Slim Pro with up to 1000mw output (fits either the Zorro or T-Pro or other controllers with Nano module).

I’ve ordered the Zorro and I have the Jumper T-Pro, as well as the Happymodel Slim Pro.  Stay tuned for reviews, comparisons, and tutorials. Please post questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.