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Insta360 1-inch 360 INVISIBLE Drone captures 3D model (see the sample!)

Insta360 1-inch 360 on invisible drone creates 3D models

An Insta360 1-inch 360 camera (reviewed here) was used to create a 3D model of a bridge from less than 5 minutes of video.  Check out the 3D model and the 360 video used to create it.

Insta360 1-inch 360 has the best video quality among 360 cameras under $2000
Insta360 1-inch 360 has the best video quality among 360 cameras under $2000

Insta360 1-inch 360 is a 360 camera with two 1-inch sensors.  It has the highest video quality I’ve seen for a 360 camera up to $2,000.  Now a company called Adapa360 has put it on their Hawk21 octocopter, which is an “invisible” 360 drone — a drone that is so slim that its frame and propellers are between the 360 camera’s lenses and are not visible in the video captured by the camera, making it appear as if the video was captured by an invisible flying camera.  Unlike other invisible FPV drones, the Hawk21 has GPS-assisted position hold, which means it is as easy to fly as a typical DJI drone.

Adapa360 Hawk21 can now carry an Insta360 1-inch
Adapa360 Hawk21 can now carry an Insta360 1-inch 360 camera

Adapa360 has used the Hawk21 before with the Qoocam 8K.  However, the Insta360 1-inch 360 has larger sensors than the Qoocam 8K.  Another advantage is the 1-inch 360’s stitching.  Stitching the Hawk21 footage shot on the Qoocam 8K required a stitching software called Mistika VR, which costs 99,00 per month for a license.  With the Insta360 1-inch 360, the Adapa360 team was able to stitch the footage with Insta360 Studio, which comes at no extra cost with the Insta360 1-inch 360.

Here’s the 360 video from the Insta360 1-inch 360 mounted on the Hawk21.

Adapa360’s team extracted some of the frames from the 360 video and used photogrammetry software to generate a 3D model.  Here’s a 3D model of a portion of the bridge from the flight shown above.

Bridge Inspection by adapa360 on Sketchfab

Hawk 21 is available for purchase directly from Adapa360 for €1,845.00 (camera not included).

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  • Nice, but not so impressive (both the video and the 3D Model).
    One question: in the 360 video there are “waves” exactly at the center of the image. This may come from the air turbulence around the props, or even the tips of the props ?
    What do you think about that ??