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New Insta360 Studio 2021: 7 best features

New Insta360 Studio 2021
New Insta360 Studio 2021

Insta360 has released a completely new version of its Insta360 Studio 2021 desktop app for its 360 cameras, such as Insta360 One X2, One R, and Go 2.  Here is a short video about 7 of its best features.

  1. New, more intuitive interface
  2. Multiple versions
  3. Add names and notes
  4. Auto import
  5. Video thumbnail preview
  6. Export queue
  7. Apple M1

I’m working on a tutorial for the new Insta360 Studio — stay tuned!

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  • Does the software import any 360 video footage; e.g. from other camera brands like Mi etc?

    What is your recomendation software for 360 video editing?
    You may could do a review and rank some software from your experience point of view.