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Ricoh Theta monopod and selfie stick now available

Ricoh TM-1 monopod and Theta V selfie stick for 360 cameras
Ricoh TM-1 monopod and Theta V selfie stick for 360 cameras

Ricoh’s TM-1 monopod, with special features for 360 cameras, is now available in the US. Ricoh is also releasing a selfie stick accessory for the Theta V.

Ricoh TM-1 monopod for 360 cameras
Last year, Theta released a monopod with special features for 360 cameras called the TM-1.  The TM-1 has several unique features:
– maximum length of 67 inches, one of the longest monopods I have (the same height / length as the Kodak monopod).
– can extend or collapse with one push of a button, making it fast to deploy or collapse.
– has a quick release plate, making it possible to attach or detach a 360 camera quickly.
– built-in legs that fold into the body.
– the short tripod legs will have a small profile in the photo.
The TM-1 had been available only in Japan but is now available in the US through Ricoh’s website for $199.
Ricoh also released a selfie stick accessory for the Theta V ($49).  This one looks less innovative, unless the picture on the B&H website is just a placeholder.  From the picture on B&H, it looks like a rebranded version of the Fat Cat monopod ($10) or Smatree Smapole.
According to the specifications, it extends from 11 inches to 36 inches.  It includes a Bluetooth remote (not shown) and mini tripod (also not shown).   The Bluetooth remote is a first for the Ricoh Theta series and could make it easy to trigger the Theta V without a phone (I’m assuming that the Theta V can automatically connect to the remote after you turn on the remote).  Previous versions of the Theta did not have Bluetooth.

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  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Theta selfie stick is overpriced junk…I actually just sent it back to B&H for a refund. The picture on B&H website is the actual stick they sent me. The stick itself feels pretty cheap. Also, the clear screw head shows up in photos and is not invisible. The included tripod is a just a little generic one that you can get off of Gearbest for $5-6. The biggest disappointment to me was the Bluetooth remote. It absolutely does NOT work with the camera. In its present state, it functions just like any other generic Bluetooth remote shutter by simulating pushing the volume up button, which does nothing in the Theta app. It’s bluetooth name shows up as “ThetaV Remote” or something similar, but there is no option to connect it to the camera, making it completely useless. Maybe there is a software update coming that will fix this, but I can’t find any sort of official documentation anywhere about the remote or the selfie stick for that matter. I notified B&H that their website description is technically false advertising as of right now and I’m surprised they haven’t changed it. My advise is to just get the Insta360 one selfie stick…It’s much cheaper and much better build quality…

    • Hi Daniel. Wow thank you very much that is very helpful to know! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

      Best regards,

  • Hi there

    Does anybody know how to remove the ball head from thetaV selfie stick??
    I would like to get rid off that thing.