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Ricoh Theta V Dual Fisheye Plugin is a MUST-HAVE for amazing photo quality (sample and tutorial)

Theta V dual fisheye plugin tutorial

Here’s how to get the best image quality for the Ricoh Theta V using the free Dual Fisheye plugin.

Ricoh Theta was the first consumer 360 camera and was the one that introduced 360 cameras to a wide audience.  Today, it remains one of the most popular 360 cameras especially for photos.  You can get the best photo quality from the Ricoh Theta V (reviewed here) using the free Dual Fisheye plugin by Yoichi Hirota, Photomatix or other HDR software, and PTGui, the most popular stitching software.  Here’s a sample 360 photo that shows amazing dynamic range:

To achieve this quality, you’ll need to use the Dual Fisheye plugin.  In this case, I used the 9-shot bracket, then used Photomatix to fuse them in HDR.  I then stitched the photo in PTGui.  Here’s a tutorial by Yuqing Guo (subscribe to his YouTube channel):

Also check out his tutorial for the Dual Fisheye plugin for Theta Z1, which has even better image quality thanks to Raw DNG support. Here’s a demo of the Dual Fisheye plugin for Theta Z1:

And here’s his tutorial for Theta Z1:

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  • In the test image the trees tops are purple. The Ricoh in-camera hdr is better I think. Did a similar test indoors. Used enfuse, Oloneo and SNS pro. The in-camera HDR gave best result. No noise best stitch. Just boost in Lightroom the shadows/ highlights and sometimes change the whitebalance (sticker on tripod).

    • Thanks Erik. Yes there’s a lot of purple fringing but I think it can be edited out in post. The advantage over the built-in HDR is that this one is from a 9-shot bracketed exposure, wider than the Theta V’s 3-shot HDR.

      • Do you happen to know a Photoshop or Affinity tutorial on how to remove the pink hue? We often have the same problem in photos, it would come very handy!

    • Hi Ced. Sorry, no they don’t. You need to stitch them on PTGui or other stitcher. AFAIK, the Ricoh Theta desktop app will not recognize the bracketed photos.