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How to add a Matterport-style dollhouse view to your virtual tour in 2023

How to add a dollhouse view to a virtual tour
How to add a dollhouse view to a virtual tour

In the world of virtual tours, the addition of a 3D dollhouse can greatly enhance the user experience. It provides a more immersive, comprehensive view of the space, contributing to higher quality tours. The software developed by includes this feature and may be a game changer for many looking to up their virtual tour game.

While the quality of the 3D dollhouse from TeliportMe may not exactly mirror that of Matterport, the distinct advantage lies in the pricing model. TeliportMe’s model eliminates the need to pay for each individual dollhouse creation, as is often the case with Matterport and some third-party services. Instead, TeliportMe offers unlimited 3D dollhouses as part of their monthly service package FOR no additional cost.

The DIY approach that TeliportMe provides puts the power directly in users’ hands, allowing instantaneous creation and management of 3D dollhouses. This accelerates project delivery times, making TeliportMe an advantageous choice for businesses in need of high-volume virtual tour production.

At a single price point of $29/month, users get access to this feature among others, a stark contrast to the typically higher costs associated with individual 3D dollhouse creation. This competitive pricing makes TeliportMe an attractive option for those seeking to add more depth to their virtual tours without significantly increasing costs.

For more information on TeliportMe’s capabilities and how they’re carving out their own niche in the virtual tour industry, you can read more on their blog post.

If you want to use many products to combine them into one tour then Paolo Tosolini shows you some ways for doing that.  Here’s the video:

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  • Thanks for the video! I was wondering if there was another way to create dollhouse instead of going to Matterport. I heard that Metareal can do it, can’t they?