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Sonicam: a 360 camera designed for 2D or 3D live streaming in 4k, with 3D audio

Here’s a sphere-shaped camera for 360 live streaming in 4k resolution, in 2D or 3D.  Sounds familiar?

Photo by Sonicam

This is the Sonicam, a new professional 360 camera that was designed specifically for live streaming. It has 9 lenses (8 are coplanar and radially oriented, and one is pointed at the zenith) but it is able to stitch the video in-camera in real time.   It can live stream in 4k resolution in 2D or 3D.

Photo by Sonicam

The Sonicam seems to be about the size of a grapefruit, which is similar to the size of the Insta360 Pro.

Photo by Sonicam


Photo by Sonicam

One unique feature of the Sonicam is that it has 64 microphones in 4 arrays, for noise reduction and 3D 360-degree audio.  Together with its live streaming capability, the Sonicam’s remarkable audio recording suggests that it is ideal for live streaming of concerts.

Photo by Sonicam

The Sonicam’s price and availability hasn’t been disclosed, but Sonicam’s tagline is “professional while affordable.” They have also stated that their objective is to “bring the technology to consumer level, so everyone can benefit from our product.”  These statements imply that the price will probably be within reach of some consumers.

Thank you very much to Micheal Lenehan for bringing this to my attention!

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