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Sony a7R V might disappoint virtual tour photographers

Sony a7R V might disappoint virtual tour photographers
Sony a7R V might disappoint virtual tour photographers.  Sony a7R IVA shown above.

The specs of the rumored Sony a7R V were supposedly leaked by Photo Rumors (no relationship to this site).  If the specs are true, the a7R V could be a disappointment for virtual tour photographers.

With 60 megapixels, the a7R IV has the highest resolution among full frame mirrorless and DSLR cameras.  Because of its unbeatable resolution and excellent image quality, it’s the camera I use most often for virtual tours.  I was hoping the a7R V would top that but it doesn’t seem like that will happen, at least for photos.

There had been rumors about the a7R V having 100 megapixels, which would be about the same as that of the Fuji GFX 100 medium format digital camera.  That would be truly amazing for virtual tours.  We would be able to take higher resolution photos with fewer shots, saving shooting time and postprocessing.

However, according to Photo Rumors, the resolution will be 61mp, i.e., about the same as the a7R IV.  I also perused the specs, which look amazing for video (8K video with 9.6k oversampling) but for virtual tour photographers, I didn’t see anything that would make it better than the a7R IV.

I guess the silver lining is that when it’s released, you might be able to get good deals on used a7R IV cameras.

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