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How to view Apple Spatial Video on Meta Quest 3 and other devices

You can view Apple Spatial Video on Meta Quest 3 and other devices with an app called Spatialify.  Here’s how (but there’s a catch).

Last week, Apple released the public beta version of iOS 17.2, which enabled iPhone 15 Pro to capture Apple Spatial Video.  However, there was no way to watch the spatial videos unless you had access to a pre-release version of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Now, an app called Spatialify converts Spatial Video into standard 3D videos that can be viewed on Meta Quest 3 or other devices (or even with just your eyes using the parallel viewing method).  The app is in beta and is currently free.  In order to use it, you need to have the Testflight app.  After getting Testflight, you can download Spatialify here.

Here’s a sample shot by Hugh Hou.

How do you watch 3D video on the Quest?

There are several ways to watch 3D video on the Quest, depending on the 3D format.  See this post.

Why is the 3D effect very weak?

The 3D effect from the converted video is very weak.  Videos look almost flat except for objects very close to the camera.  That’s because the interpupillary distance (the distance between the left view and right view) is very small, instead of being eye-width apart.

Is this really spatial video?

No, not exactly.  Spatial video includes the left eye and right eye view shot by two of the iPhone 15 Pro’s lenses but spatial video also includes other metadata that enhance the 3D effect (in ways that have yet to be disclosed).  So what you see with Spatialify is not really the same experience that you’ll get from watching spatial video in Vision Pro.

This is interesting but can I get a better 3D effect?

If you think the 3D effect looks interesting enough, but you want a stronger 3D effect, try the Qoocam EGO or the Quest 3 (yes it can be used as a 3D camera).

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  • The lens distance is not crucial for the 3D effect, as it is solely about the interpretation of the depth sensor (depth map). This must be as close as possible to the camera lens. If necessary, increase the black and white contrast of the depth map 😅