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Super slim Insta360 Nano smartphone adapter enables USB charging

Cinerails Insta360 Nano holder
Cinerails Insta360 Nano holder

If you want to be able to use the Insta360 Nano with your smartphone on a tripod, while also charging it, check out the Cinerails TCase for the Insta360 Nano.

Cinerails Insta360 Nano smartphone tripod adapter
Cinerails Insta360 Nano smartphone tripod adapter

The TCase is a smartphone tripod holder that is designed specifically for use with the Insta360 Nano.  Besides having a slim profile that should minimize its appearance in the shot, there is also a hole to allow you to plug in a micro USB cable to charge the Nano while it is connected to the smartphone.  This should enable much longer operating times limited only by the smartphone’s battery life and any overheating with the Nano.  This is useful for live streaming for example.

Cinerails Insta360 Nano tripod adapter
Cinerails Insta360 Nano tripod adapter

Cinerails has another tripod adapter for the Insta360 Nano when used as a standalone 360 camera. It has a somewhat similar shape to the Aobelieve adapter except that like the TCase, it has a hole to allow the Nano to be charged during use.

The Cinerails TCase is compatible with iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 7. It is available from Cinerails.

Thanks to Danny Dodge for sharing this info!

About the Insta360 Nano: Insta360 Nano (available here) was the first 360 camera for smartphones, which is now one of the most popular types of 360 cameras.  The Nano can attach directly to a compatible iPhone, or be used independently as a standalone 360 camera.  The Nano was also the first 360 camera to have image stabilization (when attached to an iPhone).

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