Updates on 360 Camera Availability (March 15, 2016)

There are many 360 cameras that will be available soon, so here’s a list to help you keep track of them.
Currently available
Kodak SP360 (original version – ~$290)
VSN Mobil ($350)
360fly (original version – $399)
Kodak SP360 4k  (Single – $499; dual pro pack $899)
Panono (EUR1499)
Now available for preorder:
Bublcam ($799)  – Release date June 15, 2016.
Giroptic (2k 360×300 camera) – Now available for pre-order from Giroptic.com for $499. Release date not yet known.
Insta360 4k (4k 360×360 camera) – Now available for pre-order from B&H Photo video for $899.99.  Release date not yet known.
Sphericam v2 (4k 60fps 360×360) – $2,499 ($500 discount) on Sphericam’s website. Available 10-12 weeks from order.

Soon available for preorder:
Vuze (360 3D camera) – pre-order delayed from March to April 2016.  Shipping scheduled for Q3 2016.
Samsung Gear 360 (almost 4k 360×360 camera) – B&H Photo is still showing a price of $399.99.  Preorder not yet available.  Release date not yet known.

Available in the near future:
360fly 4k (waterproof 4k 360×180 camera) – scheduled for April 2016 release for $500 from Best Buy.
Luna (waterproof 360×360 camera). $349.  Scheduled for shipping in August 2016.

Upcoming announcements:
Go6D is scheduled to announce several 360 cameras at SXSW March 17-19.
Olympus TG-Tracker (not sure if this is a 360 camera)

Unknown availability:
Nikon Keymission 360 – Nikon says Spring 2016.  Unknown price.
LG 360 – unknown release date, unknown price.
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