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How to use Theta Stitcher for Ricoh Theta Z1 without Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop

How to use Theta Stitcher for Theta Z1 without Lightroom
How to use Theta Stitcher for Theta Z1 without Lightroom

If you’d like to use the Theta Stitcher for Ricoh Theta Z1, it’s now possible to do it without Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop, but only for the Mac so far.  Here’s the video by Yuqing Guo:

I tried changing the initialization file for the Windows version but it did not seem to work.  I’ll update this page if or when we get an option to do this on Windows.

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  • Hi Mic,
    Till now found: Go to C/Users/Your name/AppData/Roaming/RICOH/RICOH THETA Stitcher and open .ini document. In the first row put [debug], second row ENABLE_LAUNCH_EXC_LR=1 and under info has to be, enable_popup=0 !, Have to be converted to jpg or tif, drag and drop jpg/tiff to ricoh theta stitcher or open with, thats it. If will ask for dng (mean you changed destination, find it). (Win 10 64 bits), cheers.

    • Alen – You are the best! The darn thing was driving me crazy and your solution works just fine! Just to clarify, here is the text of my ini file – which works for me – just copy and paste the text below to your ini file to replace whatever junk Ricoh programmers put there, save the file, and everything works on its own:


      enable_popup=0 !

    • Hi Alen! Thank you very much and sorry for the delayed reply – I saw your comment only now and yes it worked for me too! 😀 The key is that exclamation point, which I missed previously. 😀 Thanks again!

  • I can’t find this folder with the .plist or .ini folder anywhere. I keep getting the “Activate from Adobe Lightroom Classic” window anytime I even try to open Stitcher directly. So frustrating.

      • Yes! You have to go to settings and set it to show hidden folders then those files will appear just like where it says above. I don’t remember the exact steps but a Google search for show hidden folders should get you on track!