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Video conferencing and other features coming for Ricoh Theta

Ricoh revealed that there are upcoming features planned for the Theta. Coming in April 2016, there will be photo media storage and video communication. See the screenshot from Theta’s site. Can’t read Japanese? That’s ok! 🙂

Video communication seems to mean video conferencing, similar to the feature announced by 360fly a couple of weeks ago. I predicted this is a post a few weeks ago:
Photo and media storage is more ambiguous. It could mean a hardware solution that perhaps attaches to the bottom of the Theta. But it could be an extension of the site that allows automatic backup of images or something similar. 
Remote control, SNS linking (probably increasing the social media sharing options), and image processing were also expected (from my previous post). The latter seems to mean adding to the image editing capabilities of the Theta+ app.
I’m not sure about sensor collaboration. Does it mean licensing tech from other companies or to other companies, or something else entirely?
Anyway, it looks like the Theta will have a few new capabilities in the near future. 
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