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VR announcements at E3 day 1: Fallout VR and Doom VR, Oculus Rift bundle

At E3, they (finally) announced Fallout VR and Doom VR, both due later this year!  Oculus also announced a new bundle that can save you $100.

Trailer for Fallout VR:

Fallout VR is due for release in October.  It’s already available for pre-order at the Steam store.  Not sure what’s the point… there’s no special discount and it’s not like they’re going to run out of stock.
Trailer for Doom VR:
The trailers don’t mention anything about the Oculus Rift compatibility, but Oculus Rift can play almost all games on Steam VR, so I am supposing Rift players won’t be left out.

Meanwhile, there’s a bundle for Oculus Rift + Touch that gives you an extra $100 credit for the Oculus Store.