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VR users percentage increased 63% in the past year, Valve’s hardware survey shows

VR users increased 63%, according to survey
VR users increased 63%, according to survey

In the past year, the percentage of PC gamers who are using a VR headset has increased to 2.13%, which is 63% more than the percentage reported in January 2020, when the percentage of VR users was 1.31%.  What is the significance of this increase?

Valve’s monthly hardware survey among Steam users includes a segment on VR headsets.   In particular, the survey includes the percentage of Steam VR users who have used their VR headset in the past month.  In January 2020, this percentage of Steam VR users who used a VR headset was 1.31%.  That number has been growing.  In January 2021, the percentage reached 2.13%, which represents a 62.5% year-over-year increase.

Note that this survey statistic only measures the percentage of VR users among those who use Steam.  It does not include VR users who use only Oculus for PC VR games, or those who only use Quest as a mobile VR headset.

The survey not only shows the total percentage of Steam users who use VR headsets, but also their preferred headset as well.  In that regard, the most popular headset for VR among Steam users is Oculus Rift S.  However, the Oculus Quest 2 is a close second and it is also experiencing the fastest growth with 15.48% increase, which is an increase that is 100 times larger than the next highest rate of increase Windows Mixed Reality (which grew +0.15%).   If this pattern persists, Quest 2 could conceivably become the most popular headset for Steam in a few months’ time.

This increase is great news not only for the VR industry but also for the 360 camera industry as well.  Some VR users enjoy watching 360 videos and 360 photos, and some of them will go on to buy their own 360 cameras.