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Watch these 360 video samples from Essential Phone’s $49 360 camera with 4K resolution and 3D sound

sample 360 videos from Essential Phone's 360 camera accessory
sample 360 videos from Essential Phone's 360 camera accessory

Last week, Essential announced their PH-1 phone and its 360 camera accessory.  Here are sample videos from the camera:

As posted last week, Essential PH-1 is a smartphone with cutting edge features such as the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, a titanium-reinforced body, a screen that covers nearly the entire surface of the phone.  It also has a 4K 360 camera accessory that is being offered for only $49 (note: it can be used only with the Essential phone).  Here are sample 360 videos from Essential’s 360 camera (it’s a playlist, so use the upper left menu to choose between the videos).

What do you think of the videos?  Let me know in the comments!

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  • I think it’s quite impressive – far better than I was expecting, for sure. The concert shots especially impressed me – lots of lighting variance, decent details when the lighting was bad, etc. Overall detail in both scenes was, I think, as good as or better than any other sub-$500 offering, and competitive with many systems costing more. Of course, clips provided by the manufacturer are always suspect until consumers and reviewers start posting their own.

    It’s not enough to get me to spend the money on the phone I’d need to use this camera (not that I *won’t* get the phone, but this isn’t enough by itself), but it’s certainly a positive incentive. The camera is quite small, the phone I’d always have anyway, so it’d make it much more likely I’d have a 360 camera with me when I wanted one, unlike carrying any of the others, including the Insta360 Nano, which is tiny but still a bit of a pocket pain due to the shape. If I didn’t already want the new Asus ZenPhone AR (for Tango) and the Pixel 2, I’d be very inclined to get the Essential.