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$100 off X-Knight 360 plus other amazing deals on FPV quads (up to 37% off!!!)

$100 off the X-Knight 360 invisible 360 camera drone!
$100 off the X-Knight 360 invisible 360 camera drone!

For a limited time, you can get $100 off the X-Knight 360 invisible 360 camera drone!  Plus other amazing deals on FPV quads.  Two of the quads are so good that I’ve bought each of them twice!

Racedayquads is having a clearance sale on some FPV quads. And the discounts on them are HUGE.  You might be wondering, if these are on clearance, are they obsolete or low quality?  Not at all!  These are pretty good quads that I purchased at full price just a few months ago, and I liked them so much I even repurchased them.  BTW, to see the discount, you’ll need to add them to your cart because these are below the minimum advertised price.

X-Knight 360.  This is an invisible 360 camera quad for the Insta360 One R.  I bought the analog version several months ago.  It has excellent handling — even better than the analog Cinebird.  I liked it so much that I wanted to convert mine to digital.  But now that it’s on sale, I simply ordered the HD one because it would actually be cheaper than converting my analog quad to digital (!).

The downside to the X-Knight 360 is that the One R’s lens is exposed so you’ll need to be able to land it on a picnic blanket or similar soft surface.  But please note this is true for all 360 camera quads.  You just need to make sure you have enough skills to land on a blanket before you install the One R.  You can use the One X2 stick-on lens protector on the One R, although it is slightly visible in the shot.  Another issue is that the X-Knight is a 5-inch quad with wide X frame, so it’s not easy to fly it indoors through narrow corridors.

The discounts are simply mind-blowing:  X-Knight 360 HD is regularly $359 and now starts at $259 (total cost varies depending on the receiver you choose).  Considering that the cost of a Caddx Vista by itself is $135 (never mind that it’s very hard to find and often out of stock) plus the motors and AIO FC, the parts are worth more than the price of the discounted quad!

X-Knight analog version is also on sale at over 37% off.  Regularly $275, it’s now just $175.  But please note the only version that’s available is Crossfire.  If you can get the digital version, I would strongly recommend that because the video signal on the analog version can be blocked by the body of the quad itself.

Beta95X V3.  This is a 2.5 inch quad that is very tough and flies well.  It also has a built-in connector for the Insta360 SMO.  I originally got the analog version, which I liked so much that I sold it to get the HD version.  I like the HD version even more.  I often use mine for practice and have crashed it hard many times but haven’t even had to replace a single prop.   However, in a crash, the camera mount dampeners have a tendency to pop off, so I recommend using a 20mm M3 bolt through the dampeners to avoid them popping off.

Both the HD and analog versions are on sale:

Beta95X V3 HD with Frsky $86 discount – Now $203 (regularly $289).  Unfortunately, other receivers are not available.  But changing to a different receiver is not that hard if you know how to solder.
Beta95X V3 analog PNP (no receiver) – $54 discount. Now $126 (regularly $180).  The analog one on sale has no receiver so you’ll need to solder your own preferred receiver.

Flywoo Hexplorer HD (need to add your own Caddx Vista) on sale for $139 (regularly $199).  Flywoo Hexplorer is a 4-inch hexacopter with built-in Insta360 SMO cable (no need to solder).  The HD version of this drone is on sale, but without the Caddx Vista, which you’ll have to purchase separately and solder yourself.

Flywoo Hexplorer is on sale
Flywoo Hexplorer is on sale

StanFPV Cinebird frame.  StanFPV’s Cinebird is one of the best invisible 360 camera drones and is compatible with both Insta360 One R and GoPro MAX.  If you can build a quad, check out the Cinebird frame, which is on sale for 60% off at $30 (regularly $75).  Here’s a sample video from CineBird with GoPro MaX.

Emax Nanohawk Frsky. This is a 65mm 1S tiny whoop.  I haven’t tried it but I have the Tinyhawk and Tinyhawk II, both of which I like, so I assume the Nanohawk would be at least ok.  It’s on sale for $84 (regularly $120).


These quads are on clearance at Racedayquads.  Please note these are not affiliate links.  For more news, reviews, tutorials and deals, subscribe here.