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Another removable 360-degree camera for your smartphone

There’s another removable 360-degree camera for smartphones.  This one is hemispherical, and is made by Taiwan-based Quanta Computer, with a “panomorph” lens by Immervision Enables.  A panomorph lens is similar to a circular fisheye, except that it is oblong, which utilizes a larger portion of a rectangular sensor, thus increasing image quality compared to a circular fisheye for the same sensor.

The Quanta camera is magnetic and attaches to a phone.  It can also be used independently. 
Key specs:
  • field of view: 360 x 187 degrees
  • 16mp Sony Exmor sensor
  • connects to smartphone via Wi-Fi
  • USB port
  • can livestream
The Quanta camera is the second removable 360-degree smartphone camera.  Another removable smartphone camera is the Insta360 Nano, which is a fully spherical 360-degree camera for iPhones.  One advantage of the Quanta is that because it connects via Wi-Fi, it is probably usable with both iPhone and Android.  However, the field of view is only hemispherical, whereas the Nano is fully spherical (and an Android version will be released in the future).  It remains to be seen whether the Quanta camera has better image quality.

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