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Apple VR headset to be announced on June 5, say pundits

The rumored Apple VR headset is likely to be announced on June 5 at WWDC 2023, according to several industry pundits. Apple, a name synonymous with innovation, is once again ready to leave its mark, this time in the field of Virtual Reality (VR). After years of rumors and speculation, industry pundits now believe that the announcement for Apple’s VR headset is highly likely to occur on June 5th at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023. This news has been particularly highlighted by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, renowned for his reliable predictions about Apple’s product launches.

The VR industry, once a booming field of technology, has seen its growth plateau recently. Despite the successful sales of Oculus Quest 2, which sold over 20 million units, its successor, the Meta Quest Pro, has not been received as well. This led to Meta, formerly known as Facebook, dropping the price to drive sales. A similar trend was observed with the PlayStation VR2, which received a somewhat muted response, and there are rumors circulating about a potential price drop for this product as well.

While competitors have been grappling with these challenges, Apple has been quietly and diligently working on its VR project. Rumors about Apple’s venture into VR have been circulating since 2018. However, the potential of Apple’s VR headset being announced this year has brought a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation in the industry.

The Apple VR headset is rumored to carry a hefty price tag of around $3000. The high cost could be indicative of the advanced technology and unique features that Apple intends to integrate into its headset, setting it apart from the existing offerings in the market. While the exact details remain under wraps, the high price point suggests that the device could target the high-end market or niche professional users.

This potential announcement could mark a significant turning point in the VR industry. An entry from Apple, known for its high-quality products and user-centric designs, might just be the catalyst needed to reinvigorate the market. As we approach June 5th, the industry and consumers alike are eagerly awaiting Apple’s announcement, which could redefine the future of VR.

The information cited in this article is primarily based on an article from UploadVR, which provides a detailed account of the upcoming event and the potential announcement of the Apple VR headset.

[Note: Please note that the information contained in this article is based on rumors and speculations from various industry sources. The details about Apple’s VR headset, including its price, features, and the date of announcement, have not been officially confirmed by Apple as of yet.]


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