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Ben Claremont: Which 360 camera to buy in 2021?

If you’re thinking of getting a 360 camera, here’s Ben Claremont’s take on which 360 camera to buy in 2021:

1:00 Insta360 One X2
2:02 Insta360 One R
4:27 Insta360 One X & EVO
4:53 Vuze+ & Vuze XR
6:03 GoPro Max
6:57 Yi 360 VR
7:26 Kandao Qoocam
8:17 Qoocam Fun
10:05 Qoocam 8K
13:43 XPhase Pro S2
15:01 Theta SC2
16:23 Theta Z1
18:40 Future 360 camera prediction
19:37 Wrap up
20:15 Freebies!

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  • Hoping for a big upgrade to the Z1, then I can get a Z1 cheaply. Cannot justify the price of a Z1 at this stage. My Theta S is a great little camera, but I would love higher resolution. Can only get to 11×14 inch print with the S, which is ok, but love to do better for those group photos.
    Improvements I would love to see? Better internal memory/ SD card. Dedicated remote with SD storage. This means you do not have to rely on your phone. As a dedicated unit, the buttons would already be there for faster, more intuitive use. Another improvement that could be added to many 360 cameras is a fast charger battery pack that doubles as an extension tube. This would add hours to shooting time-even whole night shooting for Milky Way rising and setting with some nice landscape element.
    One enterprising maker could make an infrared 360 camera, possibly with internal filters. There are times that a landscape could look awesome with the surreal infrared spectrum either added in degrees, as false colour additions or straight IR. Playing around with the colours and wavelengths would require a decent monitor, perhaps the dedicated one.

    • Re infrared, you can use a DSLR that’s been converted to infrared. Speaking of DSLR … stand by for my next video, which will show everything you need to know how to shoot 360 photos with a DSLR.

    • Hey there Mina. Qoocam Fun’s quality is not the highest, but for the price, its image quality is impressive in my opinion.