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Qoocam 3 adds GPS metadata and better image quality (updated comparison vs Insta360 X3 and GoPro Max)

Qoocam 3 firmware update adds GPS and image quality boost

Qoocam 3 got a firmware update that added GPS metadata via the phone app and “improved image quality.”  Does the GPS work?  What were the improvements?  Here is an updated comparison between Qoocam 3 (reviewed here), Insta360 X3 (reviewed here) and GoPro Max (reviewed here).


As of Qoocam 3 app version, you can add GPS metadata to your Qoocam 3 photos as long as the Qoocam 3 was connected to the app while you were shooting.  This is useful for uploading photos into Google Maps for Street View.  The app says that it also adds GPS to videos.  However, when I tested the video with GoThru Street Builder, Street Builder could not find the GPS data.

Improved image quality

Sharpening: One of the most common complaints about the Qoocam 3 was that it was oversharpened.  With firmware, the sharpening has been toned down so that it now looks more balanced.

In terms of actual detail, when the three cameras are on a tripod the Max is the most detailed toward the front of the lens, and the X3 and Qoocam 3 are fairly similar (slightly more detail for Qoocam 3). You can see in the cropped views below that fine details such as the caloric information for the menu are much clearer on the Max.

FRONT LENS VIEW. Left to right: GoPro Max, Qoocam 3, Insta360 X3
FRONT LENS VIEW. Left to right: GoPro Max, Qoocam 3, Insta360 X3

However, when the cameras are held horizantally on a selfie stick, then X3 is most detailed, Qoocam 3 is slightly less detailed than X3, and Max is much less detailed than Qoocam 3 or X3.  This is most noticeable with the stripes on the shirt or the text on the menu at the back, which are most discernible on the X3, a bit less clear on the Qoocam 3, and least clear on the GoPro Max.

SELFIE STICK VIEW. Left to right: GoPro Max, Qoocam 3, Insta360 X3
SELFIE STICK VIEW. Left to right: GoPro Max, Qoocam 3, Insta360 X3

White balance: In firmware 1.0.23, the white balance was somewhat bluish.  With the update, the white balance may have become more accurate although still more blue / cool compared to Insta360 X3 or GoPro Max.  It is arguably more neutral.

The Qoocam 3 colors and contrast appear much flatter than either Insta360 X3 or GoPro Max.  This makes the video appear less punchy, but makes it easier for video editors to grade the footage to their liking.

Exposure: In the previous firmware, the Qoocam 3 would often overexpose by about half a stop.  Now, the exposure is more or less similar to that of the X3 and GoPro Max.

Reviewing 360 videos

Another significant improvement is that you can now look around 360 videos during review.  Previously, when reviewing 360 videos on the Qoocam 3, you could only see the front view.  Now you can swipe around the screen to rotate the 360 video.

Conclusion; Where to buy?

The new firmware update seems to address the oversharpening and appears to also improve the accuracy of both the white balance and the exposure, making the Qoocam 3, which is already the most affordable 360 camera in its class, an even more attractive option.   Qoocam 3 is available for $349 on Amazon or direct from Kandao.  You can check out my review here.

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  • the results are so minimal in difference i dont think any consumer will notice.

    Its really sad that these companies never actually “upgrade” the cameras but keep using the same old cheap sensors and lenses in all makes and models.

    the X3 has a “72/mb” panorama, yes in SIZE but not in QUALITY. its all an upscale gimmick.

    Better results using topaz gigapixel

    They are not actually giving us more details that matter or more clarity.

    Too many years these cheaps camera sensors have been used, its just like dash cams, they use 1-2 manufacturers for the sensors, all the same bootup sounds and quality.

    Its really sad to be fooled by “upgrades”

  • Also it is could be buy at aliexpress) big thanks. But for me is huge in field shot with go pro, you have physical buttons (not to change modes on screen) in real life it is more comfortable to change picture or video record , change mode some time ferry uncomfortable screen button also if you put screen protector so for me it will be more in qoocam or insta . I like more nice lens cap in one r(rs) not comfortable so there it is more interesting how they make I don’t know how it is easy to close/open but one rs it is not also with lens sticky…

  • They are good, I like how they make app and desktop app for pc/Mac so they are interesting) and his they quick make firmware update) glad to see in this year cameras come in calm and new and make it really good compete

  • It would be great if the major 360 & action cam makers would make a line of dashcams. Basically a stripped down version of their current cams. All it needs is the FOV, resolution, 60-120fps, gps, wifi, removable storage. Maybe a couple other features.

  • I’m just amazed at the fact it’s not overheating. I’ve lost sections of irreplaceable events due to overheating and am seriously considering getting the qoocam 3 just for that.

    Thanks again Mic for all the great reviews. We all appreciate the effort.

    Jon Nelson

    • Thanks Jon! I have yet to see it overheat in ordinary use, so if you want to avoid overheating, this would be my best suggestion.

  • I’m just amazed at the fact it’s not overheating. I’ve lost sections of irreplaceable events due to overheating and am seriously considering getting the qoocam 3 just for that.
    Thanks again Mic for all the great reviews. We all appreciate the effort.

    Jon Nelson

    • There will be a Qoocam Ultra with 8K resolution. They haven’t said much about the specs, but I’m hoping that it will have 10-bit video like Qoocam 8K. As for prores recording, I think it’s unlikely. It would need to record two 4k+ prores streams at the same time, which is a tall order.

  • I bought the Qoocam 3 a week or so ago but I am really disappointed. The stitching is horrible. If I could upload a pic, you would see a big warp, and this is filming outside. The sea looks like it has become a river with a mini waterfall. The calibration tool does not work in Qoocam Studio. I have the latest firmware and app updates but no difference. Did you really have a go with this cam? Did you not have any stitching errors even with things in the distance? Happens to me both in photos and videos. I bought on Amazon so will be sending back until something resolves this for me.

    • I had the same experience. Far inferior video, actually the worst I’ve seen in the past decade. Stitching is nonexistent and there are large gaps between nodes. Sometimes I’m not impressed with a new camera, but this time I’m depressed. I was hoping to recommend this to people due to the price and the marketing files. I wanted to get it and test it first. I’m glad I did. Not in my list of buying recommendations. BTW, everything is up to date. I also have the QooCam 8K. I’m leaving the GoPro Max at the top of my list for now… but I’m not saying I’m happy with the world.

      • I want to update my comments above. The raw 360 data in MP4 format is terrible, but once you run it through the Studio and stitch it, it comes out pretty good. The problem is, why isn’t this stitched in the camera? GoPro is. Insta360 is. Even the old Garmin VIRB 360 did that. I shot about 40 minutes on this camera. I started the stitching process about 10:00 this morning. It’s almost 4:00 and it’s about 90% done. This is a crazy slow process. I’ll keep testing elements of this camera and add to the thread here.

        • Hi Lee. GoPro stitches photos in the camera, but videos are not stitched in a format that can be edited or shared. Insta360 is not stitched either. Change your extension form .insv to .mp4 and you’ll see that they’re actually circular fisheyes. As for being slow, are you using Mac or PC? Does your PC have a dedicated graphics card?

          • For GoPro, it depends on the editor you use. Adobe Premiere Pro can use that format. I use a PC that I built with a dedicated 4TB graphics card and 32GB RAM. My work drive is a .5TB SSD and I publish to my little 16TB external. But, back to the time to stitching… it turned out it only stitched one of the clips… about 25 minutes of video. It took almost 5 hours to do that. I shoot motorcycle rides and sometimes have over 10 hours to process. This would take days at this pace and this is only my first step in editing!

            I am recommending the camera for beginners, though. It ends up with good video and a very attractive entry level price. I wish it handle larger cards, but for a beginner 256GB should be good enough. They just have to have patience on processing through Studio. I don’t do heavy lifting on a phone and can’t understand the fascination with taking a 360-video down to a 2D format. But that’s just me. I like to give my viewers an interactive experience.

  • I bought the QooCam 3 and sent it back the next day, it’s awful! I also own the 8K, X2 and X3 and the QooCam 3 doesn’t compare to any of them. The image quality is at bet ok, but the stitching it dreadful. Tried calibration in the camera and desktop app, it improved, but was still very obvious with blurs and wobbles. This never happens with Insta360 products. The 8K is a bit of a challenge but can get really good photo results with a bit of work. Unfortunately the QooCam 3 is very poor and even at the low-ish price is not worth the effort.

    • There is an issue with the lens rotating, especially when trying to remove the very tight lens caps. This makes stitching near on impossible. I sent them a sample and they are sending a replacement, but said not to twist the lens caps when taking them off.