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Best 360 camera in 2022 for EVERY BUDGET (brutally honest comparison)

Best 360 camera for every budget in 2022
Best 360 camera for every budget in 2022


Which is the best 360 camera in 2022?  Here are the best 360 cameras for every budget.  Yes, even with a budget as low as $200, you can get a decent 360 camera for video or a virtual tour camera.

For the photo cameras, you can compare them side by side here. To switch cameras, click on the icon on the upper right corner, which will enable you to change the camera for each side independently:

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    • Hi xer. TheVRkit gets quite good results for the price, in my opinion. But please note it takes a while to shoot and is very susceptible to flare.

  • Is it possible to include the mi sphere vs the theta x? Need to know if its worth to upgrade quality wise. Thx

  • Hi Mic, what is the iPhone VRkit ? Can’t find it with Google, can you give me a link ?
    I should buy something new… I have an Insta360 EVO and I wish to have better quality / Sharpness (I shoot video, not photo) and also an underwater case!
    I find hard to compare the cameras…. You shoot in different locations….
    Then sometimes I can’t find the same situation for 2 cameras (photo as taken, or modified with one of your HQ methods)….
    Comparing Insta360 One X2 HQ Lite with Qoocam 8K Express DNG8 it seems that the Insta360 has better resolution/Sharpness, how it’s possible ? 5.7K vs 8K ??
    Gopro Max vs Insta360 seems great, but I’ve read bad things on the Gopro (overheat, horrible software and other problems)… is it really so bad ?

  • Could you also talk about live streaming to RTMP with these cameras?
    It seems there are hardly any cameras for $1000 or less that can do a 4K livestream to an RTMP server.