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Brahma Duet 360 rig adds livestreaming capability

The Brahma Duet is a 2-camera rig that uses modified Git2 cameras to output fully spherical 360 video in 4k at 30fps.   Now the Brahma Duet adds realtime stitching and livestreaming capability as well!
Here is a sample video demo of the livestream: (the first part of the video shows recorded samples from Brahma rigs; jump to 0:23 for the livestream).

The demo linked above shows a resolution of 1080p, because that was the limit of the streaming software that Steve Jones used.  However, the Brahma Duet is capable of livestreaming in 1440p resolution at 30fps at a bitrate of about 12-15mbps (24fps if stitched with Kolor Autopano software).  Even at 1080p, the video shows plenty of detail compared to a livestream from the Ricoh Theta, for example (which can livestream at 720p via USB or 1080p via HDMI).

Parts of the demo also showed recorded samples from the Brahma Duet (the rock concerts) and the Brahma7 (the rap music video), with impressive image quality.
The Brahma Duet livestreaming software can run on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.