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Can you find the stitch line? Insta360 One X Venture Case 2.0 sample video (2019)

Insta360 One X Venture Case 2.0 sample video
Insta360 One X Venture Case 2.0 sample video

Check out this sample video from the Insta360 One X (reviewed here) in the new waterproof Venture Case 2.0.  Can you spot the stitch line before the camera goes underwater?

The Venture Case is a rugged waterproof case for the Insta360 One X.  The new version that was released just a few weeks ago is waterproof to 5 meters, unlike the original Venture Case which was merely water resistant, but not waterproof.

One of the amazing things about the Venture Case is how seamless the stitching appears to be.  It appears practically invisible above water.  However, underwater, the Venture Case has a stitching blind spot, like many other underwater 360 cameras and camera cases for consumers, due to refraction.  (If you want to have smooth stitching both above water and underwater, get the Dive Case.)


The secret to the smooth stitching with the Venture Case is that you can apply a special stitching setting in Insta360 Studio 2019 or the Insta360 One X mobile app that takes into account the Venture Case’s lenses.   Here is the same video before the Venture Case stitching setting is applied:

The Venture Case 2.0 is available direct from Insta360.  To compare it against the Dive Case, find out more about the Insta360 One X here.

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  • Mik check the Insta page the new case is already leaking in a bucket of water you should check and put out a warning to test first as people look to your reviews.

    • Hi Neil. I tested mine underwater. It did not leak. I’ll try to look for the post about the leak in the new case.

    • Hi Neil. I’ll test the case under a pot of water. It is possible that a portion of the napkin got caught in the seal, causing the leak. Mine was bone dry despite going down the slide etc. (although it was a slow slide).