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Insta360 Studio 2019 tutorial (UPDATED August 13, 2019): convert 360 video into keyframed non-360 video with this FREE overcapture app for Windows or Mac

Insta360 Studio for One X Tutorial
Insta360 Studio 2019 for One X Tutorial

Insta360 Studio 2019 (formerly Insta360 Studio for One X) is a free 360 video editor for creating videos with cinematic camera movements through non-360 overcapture / reframed / freecapture videos.  It works not just for Insta360 One X but also for many other 360 cameras from other manufacturers.

Studio is a free app for Windows and Mac, and has long been my favorite app for converting 360 videos into cropped / non-360 overcapture-style videos with keyframed camera movements.  With the Insta360 camera files, you’ll be able to edit unstitched .insv videos and immediately convert them into overcapture videos without stitching them.  Here’s a tutorial.

August 13, 2019 UPDATE: Studio 2019 version 3.4 added several new features including: HDR processing, interval shooting sequencing, and H.265 export.

Why use Insta360 Studio?

Insta360 Studio 2019 is the stitching software for Insta360 consumer cameras such as the Insta360 One X (reviewed here), Insta360 EVO (reviewed here), or even older cameras such as Insta360 One (reviewed here).  In addition, Studio can be used to convert a 360 video into a non-360 video where you as the creator can control the view and show the viewers the perspective that you intended.  This freecapture (a.k.a. overcapture or reframing) feature can be used even with non-Insta360 cameras.

There are other software for converting 360 video into non-360 video, such as the GoPro VR Reframe effect in Adobe Premiere.  However, Studio is intuitive, and can change projections (e.g. changing from rectilinear to fisheye, which many 360 video editors can’t do).  It’s also available for free, for both Windows and Mac, and is compatible with 360 videos from almost any 360 camera, so long as the video is in standard equirectangular format (the aspect ratio must also be 2:1), and the video resolution can be up to 5.7K.  Studio 2019 is available as a free download here from Insta360.com.

Insta360 Studio 2019 new features (August 13, 2019):

In addition to keyframing and snapshots, Studio 2019 has additional features for Insta360 cameras.  These additional features will not work for non-360 cameras.

HDR Photos:  Studio 2019 can now automatically recognize and fuse HDR brackets shot on Insta360 cameras.  Insta360 One X and Insta360 EVO can take HDR photos.  The camera will take a 3-shot exposure bracket, which was fused into an HDR photo in the mobile app.   Now, Studio 2019 can also recognize the HDR photos and fuse them.

Insta360 Studio HDR: non-HDR (top) vs. HDR (bottom)
Insta360 Studio HDR: non-HDR (top) vs. HDR (bottom)

Interval Shooting: If you use the Interval Shooting mode, Studio will now recognize the interval photos, group them in Studio, and render them with sequential filenames.  In Premiere, you’ll be able to convert them into a timelapse video.  However, Studio 2019 won’t be able to preview the timelapse, convert it into a video, nor deflicker the images.

Insta360 Studio interval shooting sequence
Insta360 Studio interval shooting sequence

H.265 Export: Insta360 Studio 2019 can now export videos in H.265 format, which will take up less space than H.264.

Insta360 Studio Tutorial

Here is my new tutorial (which can also be used for other Insta360 consumer 360 cameras, or to some extent even 360 cameras from other brands):

Here is my previous tutorial for the older version:

How to save projects in Insta360 Studio?

On Studio 2019, you can save your edits by going to File… Save.  The keyframe edits will be saved into the video file.

For the older Insta360 Studio, when you create keyframes, they are automatically saved.  When you reopen the same file, you’ll see the keyframes again:


How to save projects on Insta360 Studio
How to save projects on Insta360 Studio


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    • Hi sorry for the delayed reply. i didnt see this comment. i can’t find the save option either. i’ll find out from insta360.
      best regards, mic

  • Hi Mic, Xiaomi Mija files do not seem to be accepted by this programme. There’s sound but no video. Any ideas why this happens? Regards,

    • Hi Oliver. Xiaomi has two types of rendering. There is a checkbox for mp4. Try the other setting – it might work.
      Best regards,

    • Hi sorry for the delayed reply. i didnt see this comment. i can’t find the save option either. i’ll find out from insta360.
      best regards, mic

    • Hi Nick. Can you clarify what you mean by splice a section? you mean trim out the middle and have the two ends combine? If that’s what you meant, no it is not possible but you can render the two remaining segments and then combine them in your video editor.

        • The best 360 video editor afaik is Adobe Premiere. But you can also use Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus or Cyberlink PowerDirector. A good free 360 editor is Virb Edit. You can also try Davinci Resolve which is a pretty good free editor and then add 360 metadata manually with the metadata injector tool

          • Premiere doesn’t open my .insv files. Dunno why.
            If I export a video from Insta Studio, it becomes MP4 and when I inject metadata (with the Spatial app) the quality becomes blurry.
            I want to use my VR glasses by uploading to Youtube and I’ve been figuring out to for weeks, how to do this…

          • Hi Sylvia. You dont need to inject metadata. The mp4 already has 360 metadata. You can upload that mp4 to youtube. Then give it an hour or so to process into 360 automatically.
            For premiere, try to open insv directly (without stitching on studio). If you cant open insv files, reinstall insta360 studio while premiere is not running.

  • When I export a screenshot from a stiched 360 image, the resulting file is blank (black). Exporting a screenshot from video works as expected. Anu suggestions why this may happen?

    Using the newest Insta360 Studio 2.14.3.

  • why can you not edit with the new insta one x…only export?

    I saw the old software you were able to edit…prefer to use this software instead of premier…any idea if editing will be available with the one x in the insta studio software?


  • After I add the set points like in your video and completed my project I click to export and the resulting export is almost immediate and the resulting file that saved to my desktop is blank (less than 1KB in size). Any fixes? I will note when I open the original file and click into free capture it automatically saved my previous key points so I do not have to redo my project points.

    • Hi Bobby. TBH i’m not sure why that is happening. What are your pc specs, are you exporting to your hard drive and do you have enough hard drive space left?

      • I’m running a last gen. MacBook Air. Purchased a MacBook Pro in the mail currently. I am saving to the hard drive and have a few hundred gigs free. The video itself is very short only two minutes in length with very minimal editing done to it.

      • I am currently running the previous Gen. MacBook air but have ordered a MacBook pro. The file is from a madventure 360 camera and edited in davinci (just spliced together not much done). I have a few hundred Gigs of space available and I am saving it to my hard drive. I have found others with this problem elsewhere but no answers.

  • The latest Insta360 studio will not open MP4 files anymore. Only .insp, .insv and .DNG Looking for something else now.

      • Hi! I love the the insta360 studio because its very easy to use. However, when I try to add my misphere 360 videos or photos in it – it says “Photos, Bullet Time videos and non panoramic videos are not supported in ScreenCapture mode” how do I go around this?

        Thank you for your help!

          • The error “Photos, Bullet Time videos and non panoramic videos are not supported in ScreenCapture mode” is consistent with any kind of mp4 from other cameras. Have tried different bit rates, dimensions, and re-injecting metadata. Other camera don;t work anymore in 3.2.2

  • very frustrating that this can not be edited in other editors, i see there is a export plugin for premiere. i use sony vegas pro and have for years and it would be nice to be able to edit in this since i know all the features. hopefully you will make the 360 file easier to convert to be used in other editors without loss of quality.

    is there a way in 360 studio to export the equirectangular projection? i selected this in view> equirectangular projection and then exported but it is not equirectangular projection, with this view i can then edit in other editors

  • HI MIC, regarding opening my video files from my Insta One X – how come the camera gives me two files for one video? for instance – VID_20190328_132259_00_017.insv AND VID_20190328_132259_10_017.insv
    One file is slightly smaller. I notice this on timelapses too. Which one do I use when i edit?

    • Hi Kevin. For 5.7k, one x and evo create two files simultaneously. one file is for one lens, the second file is for the other lens. do not rename them. keep them in the same folder or else the video will be unplayable. you can open either one or both. studio automatically shows only one video. it won’t show you two videos. same on premiere. just import either of the 2 files.

  • Just downloaded insta360 studio for mac, installed and I can’t import into it?
    I’ve tried dragging into it the footages bar, the edit bar, and hitting file>open, and setting the defa opening program to insta360 and double clicking the insv. file, and it just doesn’t do any anything at all.
    Also re-installed, no change.

    Any ideas?

        • Hi Mark. i don’t know the min req for mac, but i’m able to stitch the videos on a macbook air (7,1 – early 2015). you can try a lower resolution video such as 4k30fps and see if it works on your mac. if it does, then the issue is the spec.

    • I am using Premiere Pro CC 2019 on Windows and I have similar issue. After installing my Adobe CC, I then installed the Insta360 Studio software. No matter how I try, drag into Premiere Pro, click “Import” and select the files, I just get Premiere 2019 to work with “insv” and “insp” files. I have contacted the customer supports and still have not heard back from them.

      • Hi Nick. If you can open insv and insp files in Premiere then you’ve successfully installed the Insta360 plugin. Just treat the insv and insp files like regular photos and videos in premiere.

        • Thanks for your reply! I read some comment and noticed some users also encountered my issue.

          For anyone who imported the “.insv” or “.insp” files in Premiere Pro but received the “File format not supported” message:
          I think it is due to version difference of the Qt framework used by Insta360 Studio and Preimere Pro. I was able to work around the issue by copying the “Qt5Core.dll” of the Insta360 Studio to Premiere Pro root folder.

          Reference: https://forums.adobe.com/message/11179131#11179131

  • Hi, I have installed and re-installed Insta 360 studio but all I get is a black screen? When I drop in a video clip unto this black screen I hear sound but no video nor any resemblance of a video editor. I use PD and Have Adobe Premiere Pro but unfortunately not on my laptop. Suggestions?

    • Hi David. You mean the screen is totally black — absolutely nothing on the screen not even the interface? Or you mean the middle of the screen is black before you load any file (which is normal)? You should see the studio interface and a message on the left to drag and drop 360 video or photo. If it’s totally black there’s something wrong.
      What kind of video clip are you dropping into insta360 studio?

      • Hi Thanks for responding. After I start the app it is all black. I have seen some You tube videos where there is something in the upper left hand corner but the screen I get is all black. The file is a .insp or .insv where one is photo and the other is video. I just purchased the Insta 360 One x and went right away on a short vacation. I can view and edit clips via the phone app but would like to edit in this studio program.
        I use Power Director 17 and have Adobe Premiere Pro but is on me desk top computer at home. My laptop is a high end Lenovo gaming computer and can handle 4K files just fine. I can bring in the .insv file into PW but look all kind of wonkie. Anyway not sure what to do?

    • Hi David,
      I’ve the same here and I asked Insta360 support. But they told me, that my graphic card is to old (3 year premium notebook). I’m not happy with this answer, because this was never a problem and I do a lot of graphics and rendering stuff. So please ask them too and help to force an update (older version of Insta-sw was not a problem).

      • when you say the older version of insta was not a problem, you mean the previous version for insta360 one?

      • Hi Goldi,
        When you mentioned graphic card, I started looking into my card and drivers. I have an external NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 card which should do the job, BUT my drivers were out dated. In the middle of NV at a KOA campground with very slow internet I finally was able to download and install the most current drivers and guess what Insta 360 Studio now works…. So you might try up dating your drivers…
        Hope that helps you….

        • Wow that driver is probably a few hundred MB :O must have taken a really long time to download on mobile internet. But I’m glad you fixed it!

        • Hi David,
          Sounds fun, at least to be on a campground 🙂
          Thanks for your tipp. I’ve already the newest driver for my integrated Intel graphic card.

  • why can’t i download the insta360 one x studio software to my ipad? i hit download and mac and nothing happens

    I have the latest version insta 360 one software also.

  • Hi Mic,

    As always, thanks for your indepth reviews and such. One thing about Insta360 Studio 2019 would really help, though: System requirements (Mac and PC). I combed their site and googled around but can’t seem to find the minimum requirements for (successfully) using the desktop app on an older Mac. It’s also notable that for iPhone users, the latest version of the iOS app requires (apparently) at least an iPhone 6s (“s” being crucial). Cheers!

    • THanks Rick. I think there’s no minimum specified because it depends primarily on which camera you use. For One X they recommend a GTX 750 graphics card, although I’ve heard of people who get by without a graphics card. I have sample files if you’d like to try to stitch it on your Mac first.

  • Will not run on my laptop running Windows 10 Pro. It says that I need OpenGL version 3.3 with framebuffer object extension and to upgrade my graphic card driver. I’m already running the latest version of my graphic card driver.


      • I have the same problem with i7 Windows 10 Surface Book 16gb ram. Very frustrating. Got the program to run a couple of times after somehow loading opengl 3.3 and changing the settings but it won’t load consistently and stay loaded. I can’t seem to figure out how tto load the right graphics drivers and keep them loaded.

  • Hi ,I am a professional photographer. I need a 360 camera for some agencies . I reviewed all the best these kind of cameras and finally realized that “Insta 360 One X is the best. I had a Nikon Key Mission 360 before and as I see It is not even among 10 better 360 cameras . I purchased a one an” Insta 360 One X” and I took some photos as well as some video. surprisingly I see that its photos is flow and not at all the same quality of my former Nikon Key Mission 360 . I tried an apple phone ( IOS ) and also a Samsung phone ( Android ) and download the some up to date soft ware such as ” Studio insta ” and and another best ones. I could not reach a reasonable quality ( comparison “Nikon 360 ” . I took some photos in the way of manual and also Auto and I watched in apple and Samsung these photos. None of them is sharp based on these kind of cameras . I want to return it but I am not sure my purchase has a problem or totally they have such a problem. Would please guide me ( If possible soon ) . I searched for manual focusing and auto focusing and did not find anything in the camera.
    Thank you for you support

    • Hi Ashgar. Congrats on getting the Insta360 One X. There is no need to focus the One X — it is panfocal. One X takes better photos than Nikon Keymission in that the One X has more consistent sharpness across the frame. Insta360 One X also has full manual exposure, ISO priority, and shutter priority. One X has HDR mode and has better stitching than the Keymission. Finally, One X is stabilized whereas Keymission stabliization is very poor (almost nonexistent).
      Can you post link to a photo from your One X so I can determine why it is not sharp?

  • When I watch the 360 videos on my phone they are perfect! But when I export them to my desktop I get a blurry video with a solid line running vertically down one side. It’s like it only took one camera perspective at 180 degrees and tried to stretch it around to make it 360. I use this camera for video walkthroughs for my real estate clients who are out of town house hunting, and suddenly it’s not working! I don’t know if I accidentally changed some settings or what I did. Some videos export fine, but most do not. All are shot in 4k 30fps. I do not edit the video in any way. I simply hit Export, then adjust the resolution and bitrate.

    • Hi KPinc. Are you using insta360 one x? Each 5.7k file has two files, and you might be loading only one of the two files.

  • Great video – thanks for sharing your knowledge. Can we do hyper lapse and slomo like in the iOS app? I cannot locate anywhere to change speed in the Mac desktop app. TY

    • Thanks Nick. Sorry but the desktop app doesn’t support timeshift or hyperlapse. It is a question I get almost everyday, and insta360 keeps saying they will add it. but they haven’t yet.

      • Thanks for the reply. Seems silly that they would leave that out. Very annoying to see that simple things can be done on a phone and not a desktop. Same for splicing clips – it is very patchy to have to trim a clip – and then trim another section and then combine them in order to do what any free movie app on iOS can already do.

    • Exactly the same problem. How to manipulate speed of video? I use mac the newest desktop version. On mobile versions, iPad, iPhone, you can slower or faster video, make parts with hyperlapse and then change to normal speed or slo-mo. How to do that in desktop soft Insta360 Studio 2019 Mac ver. 3.4.2 – latest. Help.

  • What’s going, are you aware of any iPad Pro insta one x editing export errors. Just recorded a 30min clip, spent an hour adding points and now it errors at the end of every export. I have clipped the video in half now and going to give that a try. Any thoughts?

    • Hi John. It’s possible that your iPad may be running out of RAM or something. That’s just a guess though. If that is indeed the cause then you should be able to stitch a shorter video.

  • Just a heads up. I am trying to use Studio (Windows) to process HDR photos. It will not stitch HDRs by itself (unlike the app), so Insta360 advised to export the three photos separately and use a third party HDR software to combine them. However, it turns out that the gyroscope info is only associated with one photo, so if you choose the option of ‘gyroscope stabilization’ at export, only one of the photos will be exported with a corrected horizon, making it deformed relative to the other two, and therefore impossible to combine into an HDR. If you unclick gyroscope stabilization they all export the same, but you’ll then need to manually correct the horizon using additional software (Photomatix won’t do it, for example, nor, I think, Lightroom). All in all pretty frustrating. I contacted their tech people and any they’re looking into this, so maybe it will get corrected in the next update, but for now using Studio for HDR images a chore.

  • Hello guyz !
    I try to work with insta360 studio but on both of my mac ( imac 10.11.6 and powerbook 10.13.6) it crash all the time when i edit keyframes …Even on 40 seconds shots …
    It works perfectly on the app on the iphone X but i don’t have access to some pretty nice fonctions like the zoom you can edit in the insta360 Studio … Very annoing …
    What solution do i have please ?

    • Hi Leon. Do your Macs have dedicated graphics cards (GPU)? If not, i think maybe they might not have enough processing power.

  • Hey Mic

    Thank always for awesome guide!
    I have one question, I got myself one x, and after frustrated by using wifi-connection with low preview bit rate, I decided to connect the camera with my Android Galaxy note with micro-to-usbc cable. However, it does nothing- like, not showing anything on my phone and the one x app tells me the phone is not connected to my camera. I have already tried setting the USB OS setting, but to no avail.
    Is this happening only to me, or do other folks have similar problems? And also, do I need to contact Insta360 people for replacement cable?

  • Hi Mic and fellows,

    It seems to me that Insta360 studio 3.4 doesn’t support at least some other sources of photos. I have used it for spherical panoramas from Mavic Air in ver 3.3.4 and latest version doesn’t treat it as sphere , but flat photo, so no manipulation e.g. field of view nor export is possible. Release notes are not mentioning this limitation. Have you observe same or is it in my photos ….

    thank you

    • Hi Luke. It’s possible that the Mavic 360 photo resolution is too high. Try to downscale it to 7680 x 3840. Let me know if that works!

      • Hi Mic,
        thank you for coming back. I’m getting same result will downscaled photo as well. It must be change in the InstaStudio as I have one more comp with older version and there I can still manipulate it. The Mavic Air sphere is not full sphere at that must the root of the issue. When I had an issue with InstaStudio I have tried VirbEdit and it crashes every single time I tried to open it. FCPX also doesn’t recognize it as 360 photo. So my guess is that Insta360 patched some hole I was using 🙂
        Best regards

        • Hi Lukas. you mean the photo is not equirectangular 2:1 ratio? If it’s not fully a sphere that is definitely a problem. Try to patch it first and make sure the ratio is 2:1.

          Best regards,

          • Hi Mic,

            thank you for your effort. the pic is 2:1, but doesn’t have data in upper part (Mavic Air can’t move gimbal up). Anyway it was working in Studio 3.3.4 and is not in 3.4 so as said, I guess Insta360 introduced new check, possibly on metadata, which is causing it. It was cool, but as hobby creator I can live without it …

            Thank you

  • Hi Mic,

    I’ve been watching your youtube channel – very informative as always.

    I just wanted to know if you are using the insta360 studio on a laptop, if yes, may I know your laptop model so that I can have a guide/baseline which one to upgrade. It seems like it requires a high-end GPU. Note, I am not a Mac user.


    • Thanks Jay! For laptop, I recommend one with an Nvidia dedicated graphics card such as GTX 1050Ti 4GB or GTX 1650, or better. Also get the best Intel CPU and the most RAM that can fit your budget. Here is a sample affordable laptop that can handle 5.7K 360 video editing: https://amzn.to/2ZjhcDu
      I hope that helps! Best regards, Mic

      • Hi, I am a noobie here. I have just bought the insta360 one x and it is awesome, editing video etc on the mobile is fine -Huawei P20 Pro however if I use the Studio on my macbook pro videos are jumpy and dont play well at all. I am guessing it is due to how old my macbook pro is so want some help and confirmation before I got buy a new one. It is an early 2010 macbook! so bloody old

  • After update Freecapture is broken

    Photos, Bullet Time videos and non panoramic videos are not supported in ScreenCapture mode

    I get the error with ANY video, Even insta360 format

    • Hi Gary. Don’t worry, that is not an error. Even the old Insta360 Studio does not support Freecapture for photos, bullet time videos, or non-360 videos. If you want to create keyframe animation with photos, use Theta+ app or Premiere Pro with GoPro VR plugin (which works for any 360 photo or video up to 8k).

  • Has anybody had issues with Insta Studio 360 v3.4? I just updated and now whenever I try to export a video it just freezes.

    I see my processor at work, but even after waiting 15min (for a 30s clip) it’s still frozen. With versions 3.3 and previous they would all definitely be done by now.

  • Has anybody had issues with v3.4 of Insta Studio freezing whilst exporting? I recently upgraded and now it gets frozen whilst I’m trying to export.

  • Love this program for editing my GoPro Fusion movies, but since the last update I can’t export larger then 1920×1080 even if my footage is 5K.

    Do you know why??

  • Thanks for the video! Great info…definitely learned some things I didn’t know before. Question for you…I’ve got a bunch of videos from the One X, shot using the Venture case. Rather than going into every single video in Insta Studio, loading each video, clicking “Venture Case” for the stitching…is there a way to copy the Settings from one clip to another? Or maybe a way to select all the respective clips and make the change? Thanks!

    • Thanks Huey! Sorry, you can’t do that in Insta360 Studio. I’ll suggest it to them. Meanwhile, if you have Premiere and you installed the Insta360 plugin, you can select several clips and apply the Venture Case stitching.

      • Hey Mic,

        Thanks for the reply. Can you point me in the right direction of how to do batch change source settings in premiere? I’ve tried all the typical ways of selecting multiple clips, right clicking, but the “source settings” won’t appear if more than one clip is selected? I’m able to change “Source Settings” for individual clips in the media bin, but not able to change it once I select multiple clips. Thanks!

  • Ich habe Insta360 Studio OneX heruntergeladen und jetzt auf Studio 2019 erneuert.
    Jetzt wird beim imortieren der insv Dateien kein Bild mehr angezeigt.

  • The Go Pro VR Overcapture plugin for Premier pro 2019 does NOT work properly on a Mac. The latest version published here does not work! I have tried three Mac machines, and numerous installations following the advise here and on other sites including the Go Pro forum. In each case, Premier shows an orange warning box with a notice about “a minor exception has occurred/” The plugin controls are either unresponsive or work intermittently. I can find no information about the “minor exception.” In contrast, the Instapro 360 One X plug in works perfectly as long as you make sure it is the latest version and delete any others from your Application Support folder for Adobe

  • Am I missing something in the Studio interface, or does it always place the Nadir Logo effectively where the camera’s tripod mount is? If I angle the camera down on a monopod the logo covers my hand instead of appearing on the ground! Also when exporting images the Nadir Logo feature appears to be global; ie you are not able to select individual 360’s for the logo, therefore limiting you to exporting images one by one.

  • When I export an insp image or save a screenshot using Insta Studio latest version, it saves it as a completely black image. It does work when i lower the res but when you save a screenshot you do not have the option to lower the res.

    Please help!

  • When previewing the images in explorer is there a way to open HDR images in 360 studio ? I can only open at a time

  • Hi, I have used to latest Studio on iMac and Windows 10. When I import my videos in Studio, they are moving in slowmotion with no sound. The sound button is off and not usable. When I finish editing and export them, the outcome is the same, no sound and slowmotion. I have to use my other editing programm (Corel VideoStudio X8) to run the video at normal speed. It’s annoying.
    I haven’t used the app yet, because I like to edit on a big screen.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Mic,

    I’m an avid viewer of your Youtube channel. I made my decision to buy Insta360 One X based on your (also Ben’s) reviews and tutorials. My first try to actually shoot 360 is during my family’s recent holiday in Dubai. Using the camera is extremely fun. I was blown away by the ease of use and how quickly i can edit and share my trip experiences to social media using my phone, camera and invisible selfie stick. 🙂 Thanks for all the informative videos.

    But when i got home to try Insta360 Studio i encountered an issue. 🙁 I can’t edit my 5.7k 40 FPS .insv videos using Insta360 Studio copied from my phone (from galleryOriginal folder). I wonder if i’m missing something? Can you advise me on how to fix this?

    Angelo Cruz
    Taguig Philippines

    • Salamat Angelo! Kamusta, kabayan!

      Are you copying all the files? Each 5.7K video has two files. And it is easier to copy from the Micro SD on your camera to your hard drive.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Mic,

        Ayos naman kabayan!

        Yes I copied both the 00 and the 01 file. Actually I was able find a workaround by using Adobe Premier Pro + GoPro Reframe plugin. I just exported to 360 mp4 in mobile app (sadly upto 4k only) then used Adobe Premier Pro. I think there’s a problem with the files transferred to phone memory via mobile App. Coz the insv files copied directly from the camera’s Micro SD card are ok and can be edited using Insta360 Studio FreeCapture.

        Angelo Cruz
        Taguig Philippines

  • Nice to see they update their software frequently – BUT….! Why is the minimum system requirement on the Mac now OS 10.13!!?? There are plenty of people using OS X 10.12 (Sierra), no need to go and update. This obsession with needing to update to the latest (and greatest!?) is totally lost on people who need to get stuff done.

    Please advice where we go from here?! No previous version seem to be available and I dont know of any hack to make it work on OS X lesser than 10.13. Pretty please, with cream on top – Insta360!!!

  • Hi Mic, I am having trouble with the second part of my 30min footage. (the first 30min part was good)
    1)This second part is on an angle (needs to be rotated -90 degrees).
    2)Won’t let me in Freecapture and when I do press Freecapture a warning window says (Photos, bullet-time videos, stereo videos and non-panoramic videos are not supported in ScreenCapture mode)
    So how would I fix this? your help would be much appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I have macOS Sierra 10.12.6 and I have download insta360 studio and it didn’t work, it is needed to upgraded to 10.13 but on App Store it is not found. Some suggestion?


  • How to manipulate speed of video? I use mac the newest desktop version. On mobile versions, iPad, iPhone, you can slower or faster video, make parts with hyperlapse and then change to normal speed or slo-mo. How to do that in desktop soft Insta360 Studio 2019 Mac ver. 3.4.2 – latest. Help.

    • timeshift and hyperlapse not yet available for insta360 studio. you can use adobe premiere to speed up the video and apply frame blending.

  • Hi Mic,

    please do you know how it is with ProRes export from Insta360 studio ? I saw it as feature of new version of the studio (for One R), but such option is not availabe in the latest version (3.4.4). I have tried it on the One X footage as I don’t have One R. In saw in comments under 360 videos on YT, that it even disappeared between versions the studio! So not sure if it will be reintroduced or it has been locked down to One R footage only, would you know please?

    thank you

    • I downloaded a One R .insv file from CreatorUp and tried it in Studio 3.4.4, and I still don’t see the Prores export option, so One R files don’t appear to enable the Prores export option. Potato Jet appears to use a Mac for his processing, so conceivably the Prores export option is available only on Mac. This would make some sense, since prores is an Apple product, and perhaps insta360 doesn’t have a license from Apple to encode prores on Windows. This would be consistent with Insta360’s statement:

      “Do you mean ProRes convert option?
      Sorry, we still doesn’t have this function right now. We are negotiating the plan now.”

      Their statement that they are “negotiating the plan now” might mean that they are negotiating with Apple for the rights to use the prores encoding software on Windows.

  • Hi Mic!

    Thanks for posting this info.

    In the article, you wrote, “Studio 2019 can now automatically recognize and fuse HDR brackets shot on Insta360 cameras. Now, Studio 2019 can also recognize the HDR photos and fuse them.”

    I’ve searched on Google and YouTube for how to do this and haven’t found anything! Could you explain how or create a video demonstrating this?