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RUMOR: GoPro Max (GoPro Fusion 2) photos leaked; 7 FEATURES

GoPro Max / GoPro Fusion 2 features and release date
GoPro Max / GoPro Fusion 2 features and release date

The next GoPro Fusion aka Fusion 2 is REAL!  PhotoRumors* leaked the photos! (*No relationship to 360 Rumors).  For more info on GoPro Max, check out the main article!


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  • Hi Mic, thanks for the info. Looks interesting. I have been considering hacking my fusion to replace the lenses with Entaniya 220’s like people did in 2016 with 2 gopros back to back. I havnt done this because my fusion is my underwater 360 camera, so replaceable lenses as a standard feature looks very exciting in this regard. The microphone holes look big, so im presuming this is to reduce overheating, howver it looks as though the Max is not waterproof. The main deal breaker for me is the placing of the external power input. On the Fusion it is just one discrete little door that requires removing if powering with an external power source. ( i often run my fusion for 5 hrs with a power bank & 2x 128GB cards) From what i am seeing, to do this with the Max, the whole inside of the camera would be exposed unless one covered with waterproof tape, or gopro make a special rubber housing for when powering without the gopro camera battery inside. I think RAW capability would negate the need to change settings while out on a shoot, as this could be done in post production. Live stream capability would be a good feature, especially if the live stitching feature is present. If it does not stream and is not 8K….i think it may repeat the keymission story..espescially because the Fusion app is quite flakey…I had to trick the app by telling it my Fusion was a Hero, because it did not work when connecting as a Fusion…. Im sure the Max will be good for some people, but it doesnt look like it will be better than the existing Insta 360 One X. Hope thats a useful reply to your review, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Andrew. I think Max is waterproof because of the seal in the battery compartment. Yes you’re right it appears that you can’t use an external power source. As for changing settings, sometimes you really need it not just for exposure, for example changing the time lapse interval. Re live streaming, yes you’re right it’s likely if it has realtime stitching. Thanks again Andrew!

      • Here’s an idea, utilize the tripod screw on the bottom, as an auxilary power connection port.. and put the extra batteries in the selfie sticks (both for u/w and land use)

      • How about putting an aux power connection… in the tripod socket (easy to seal via o-ring)

        and put the external batteries … in the selfie stick