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CES 2017: Samples from the Insta360 Pro

At CES 2017, Insta360 announced the Insta360 Pro, a professional 3D 360 camera.  Insta360 has now provided samples from the Insta360 Pro.

Here is a 3D 360 sample photo.  This is only a compressed version on Google Photos and is not the original quality.

Here is a 100% crop.  At this close up view, we can see the image looks very clean and detailed, but perhaps a little too smooth.  I will find out from Insta360 whether it is possible to get unprocessed raw photos.

Stitching was generally excellent but there was a part with a clear stitching error.  I’m pretty sure this can be fixed by the software.  (Update: the corrected version is below.)

Here is the same scene but without a stitching error.

Here is a link to full-resolution samples, including video.  Thank you very much to Steve Swayne for bringing this to my attention!