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CES 2018: Vuze+ is a new 4K 3D 360 camera with live streaming; major Vuze app update

Vuze+ 3D 360 camera with live streaming
Vuze+ 3D 360 camera with live streaming

At CES 2018, Humaneyes launched the new Vuze+ 4K 3D 360 camera with live streaming.  At the same time, they made huge improvements to the original Vuze.  In this post, I’ll first talk about the upgrades to the original Vuze and then I’ll talk about the Vuze+.

The Vuze was the first 3D 360 camera for consumers.  At the time it was launched, the only way to get 3D 360 video had been to use a rig such as the $15,000 Google Jump.  The sudden availability of the Vuze for a price and size that was within reach of average consumers made it a sensation.  However, when Vuze launched, there were several issues including lack of exposure control, and inability to make adjustments, which made it a little more challenging to shoot with than some users expected.


With the app and firmware update, Vuze gains many features that have long been requested by its users:
1. Manual exposure (you can select the ISO from 100 to 1600, and the shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/1000, both in one-stop increments)
2. Exposure compensation +/- 2EV in 1/3 stop increments. This can be set independently for each of the four pairs of lenses. There is an icon in the middle that seems to be designed to allow you to adjust all pairs in the same way but when I tried using it, it didn’t seem to link the exposures.
3. Horizontal level sensor. 3D 360 videos must be viewed in a headset which means it is even more important to shoot with a level horizon. Vuze doesn’t have a gyro stabilizer but it now has a horizon indicator on the app.
4. True photo mode. Previously, when you use Vuze for its photo mode, what it actually does is take a short video, and you were supposed to use a framegrab from that as a photo. Now, Vuze has a true photo mode and you can even use manual exposure or exposure compensation with it.
5. A new 4K 2D @ 60fps mode.  To my knowledge, this is the highest resolution 360 video at 60fps among consumer 360 cameras.

Vuze camera's updated app now shows a preview of all sides
Vuze camera’s updated app now shows a preview of all sides; manual exposure control

6. A new preview mode that shows all four lens pairs at the same time (although only one pair is shown live at any given time — the others are static until you tap on one of the lens pairs to switch to that. For some reason, however, the preview doesn’t work correctly for photos (instead the non-live previews all show the identical pair). For videos the preview mode works as designed.
7. The Vuze VR Studio desktop app was recently revised to be able to adjust the stitching distance manually for each pair of lenses.
8. The desktop app now allows for adjustments to highlights, shadows, exposure and color.
9. The desktop app now allows export in Prores for higher quality.
10. There is now a Mac version of the desktop app.


The Vuze+ is an updated version of the Vuze Camera. It looks very similar to the original Vuze, except that the logo in the middle has been changed to “Vuze+” and there are new LED lights beside the buttons on top.

Here are its specifications:

Lenseseight fisheye lenses
Field of viewfully spherical
Sensorseight Sony Full HD sensors (imx408)
Processorstwo Ambarella A9 video processors
Photo resolution4K in 3D
4K in 2D
Video resolution4K in 3D @ 30fps
4K in 2D @ 60fps
Live streaming resolution:4K (requires USB connection to computer)
Shutter speed:1/1000 to 1/60
ISO:100 to 1600
Stabilization:accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
Connector:1/4-20 tripod connector
Storage:one Micro SD
Working humidity:Under 95% RH
Temperature:0 to 40 Celsius
Waterproof:IP65 (dust tight, water jet proof)
Connectivity:USBB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1
Compatibility:iOS, Android,
Mac (beta)
Dimensions:12cm x 12cm x 3cm
Battery:3700 mah Li-ion nonremovable

In addition to the improvements to the the Vuze camera, Vuze+ adds these features:
1. Live streaming. Vuze+ can live stream in 2D or 3D 360. Here’s a sample:

2. Live view in 2D or 3D. Unlike the Vuze which can only show a live view one pair of lenses at a time, the Vuze+can show a live preview in 2D or 3D.
3. IP65 water resistance (dust tight, water jet proof)
4. Gyro-based stabilization. The Vuze+ has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass to stabilize the video.
5. Improved LED lights make it easier to see the camera status (the original Vuze’s LED display on the buttons were hard to see in daylight).

Vuze+ is $1195 and available here.  If you already have the Vuze, you can purchase an upgrade to add live streaming (although it won’t have the other improvements).

I took some videos and photos recently with the new software and will post them when I process them. In the meantime, Vuze is available on Amazon and B&H Photo.

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