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Why construction companies need 360 photo virtual tours for documentation

Using virtual tours for construction industry
Using virtual tours for construction industry

One of the industries that has the most need for 360 photos and virtual tours is the construction industry.  Joakim Reistad is a former IT manager who is now a full time virtual tour photographer who focuses on the construction industry, and who has generously shared his experience.

“[Virtual Tour Network] and Michael Ty have helped me a lot the past year. I would like to give back and share some of my experience as it might help others in this group,” said Joakim.  In this video, Teliportme’s Vineet Devaiah interviews Joakim (here’s Part 1):

Thanks to Joakim for sharing his experience and to Vineet for conducting, recording, and editing the interview.  If you want to check out the camera that Joakim uses, see this review of the Ricoh Theta Z1.  Also check out Teliportme, a web-based virtual tour software that supports resolutions of up to 512 megapixels (32k x 16k) with fast loading times.

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