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Creative camera shots for product video with just ONE camera (Insta360 One R techniques)

Creative product shots with just one action camera (Insta360 One R techniques)
Creative product shots with just one action camera (Insta360 One R techniques)

How would you like to capture a product video with a variety of creative camera angles with just one action camera? You can with the Insta360 One R (reviewed here), a modular 360 camera that converts to a 4K action cam, 1-inch sensor camera, an invisible drone camera and more.  Here’s a video that shows how.

Action cameras are indispensable to filmmakers because of their ruggedness, compact size, and excellent stabilization.  However, traditional action cameras like GoPros have only a fixed fisheye lens that provides an unchanging view (other than through digital cropping).

Insta360 One R: 30 features and disadvantages
Insta360 One R: 30 features and disadvantages

Insta360 One R is one of the few action cameras with interchangeable lenses thanks to its modular design.  It has modules with both the sensor(s) and lens(es).  Each module has particular functions and they can be swapped as needed.  The 360 module captures a 5.7K stabilized 360 video, 6K 360 photo, or third person view that looks like it was shot with an invisible flying camera.  The 4K Wide module is rugged and can capture 4K 60fps or 3K 200fps video, similar to a GoPro Hero 8.  The 1-inch module has a Leica lens and a 1-inch sensor that captures 5K videos.  The aerial edition is a special rig that attaches to a Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro, or Mavic 2 Zoom and captures amazing 5.7k aerial 360 videos without the drone being visible in the shot.

Because of the many modules available for the One R, it is an all-in-one camera that can capture a variety of camera shots that can add interest to a product video.

Here’s a sample product video shot by a professional filmmaker Gaby, and behind the scenes shots showing how he used the different modules of the One R:

Gaby used three modules for his product video:

  • The 360 module to capture a drone-like third person view.  360 cameras capture everything around them except the area between the stitch line.  When you attach the One R to a monopod that stays within the stitch line, the monopod disappears, making the One R appear like an invisible flying camera.
  • The 1-inch module for high dynamic range scenes and low light scenes.  The 1-inch sensor has much higher image quality and can capture a wider dynamic range and has less noise than typical action cam sensors.
  • The 4K wide module for close-up shots and selfies.  The 1-inch module has a minimum focal distance of around 3 feet.  To capture selfies and close-up shots such as of his feet while skateboarding, Gaby used the 4K wide module.

If you’d like to buy the Insta360 One R, you can get it from Amazon or B&H Photo, or to choose from the complete selection of modules and accessories for One R, you can buy direct from Insta360.  Thanks for using these affiliate links to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews.

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