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DEALS: Huge discounts on these VR games and apps, including a discount worth over $100!

Don’t miss these sales going on right now for VR games and apps, including a discount worth over $100!
Oculus Rift
Dirt Rally on sale 50% off at $29.99 (on Steam).  Dirt Rally is consistently rated among the best games for the Oculus Rift (reviewed here).  It’s on sale for 50% off!
Samsung Gear VR
Gunsight on sale 28% off at $4.99 (Oculus store).  Gunsight is a new shooter for the Samsung Gear VR (reviewed here).  It’s a VR homage to classics such as Contra and Metal Slug
HTC Vive
Elite Dangerous: 33% off at $20.09 (on Steam).  There’s also a sale for the DLC pack.  Elite Dangerous is an online multiplayer space shooter / sim, and is possible the deepest and most detailed game available for the HTC Vive (reviewed here).
Also for the HTC Vive
Yesterday, HTC launched Viveport, their online store for the HTC Vive, in several regions, including the US.  HTC says that Viveport is not intended to replace Valve’s Steam store but provides an alternative platform for developers to sell their apps. 
To celebrate the launch, there are several software on sale at Viveport, only until October 1:
  • WEVR’s The Blu, an immersive underwater VR experience (regularly $9.99, it’s on sale for $1)
  • Firebird – La Peri, a short (15 minute) but powerful interactive musical VR experience (regularly $9.99, it’s on sale for $1)
  • Stonehenge VR – visit the prehistoric monument in VR, with voiceover narration and animations (TBA on Steam, on sale for $1)
  • Music Room Mini – play musical instruments in VR (regularly $129 on, on sale for $1)
  • Mars Odyssey – visit Mars in VR and learn about its geography (regularly $7.99, on sale for $1)
  • Lifelique – an interactive and educational VR experience where you can learn about cells, dinosaurs or prehistoric settlements  (on sale for $1)

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