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DON’T FEAR FrankenQuest: what is it and do you need it for Oculus Quest? (Beginners’ FAQ)

What is Frankenquest and why do you need it for Oculus Quest?

If you have an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, you may have found it uncomfortable or even painful to use for prolonged periods.  Frankenquest is an easy way to make your VR headset comfortable.  But what is it and is it just for hardcore VR enthusiasts?  Is it better than the Oculus Elite Strap with Battery?  Is there a Frankenquest case?  Here’s a beginners’ guide to Frankenquest.

The Oculus Elite Strap is out of stock again.  Meanwhile, if you’ve been looking through Oculus Quest groups on social media, you’ve probably heard about Frankenquest.  What is it and why do you need it?  Here are the answers to your most common questions about Frankenquest.

Frankenquest FAQ

  1. What is Frankenquest?
    Frankenquest is the nickname for an Oculus Quest that is using the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (“DAS”).

    Frankenquest is an Oculus Quest with an HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap
    Frankenquest is an Oculus Quest with an HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap
  2. What is DAS?
    DAS is an acronym for the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.
  3. Frankenquest sounds like it is for hardcore VR users, and I’m not a hardcore user at all.  I don’t want to modify my Quest.
    Put your tools away.  The name Frankenquest sounds like it is a hardcore modification for the Oculus Quest but in fact it is nothing more complicated than any other accessory such as a replacement faceplate.  For Quest 2, the so-called modification is easily removable and reversible, with no tools required.  For the original Quest, removing the original side straps is harder, but shouldn’t damage your headset.
  4. Do I really need Frankenquest?  I think the Oculus Quest audio quality is OK as it is.
    The primary purpose for Frankenquest is comfort.  The audio is only a bonus.  The Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 are both front-heavy because all the electronics are in the headset, and there’s nothing in the headstrap to offset that weight.  The Quest 2 is a bit worse than Quest in this regard because its headstrap is not supported by the base of your skull and so it can slip off more easily.
    After using the Quest for a while, you may find that your neck starts to ache.  Another symptom is that your face may start to hurt.  This can happen because when users feel that the headset is drooping, they compensate by tightening the headstrap.  This works to support the headset, but because the headset is pressing harder on your face, it actually begins to cut off the circulation on your face.  If this happens, your face will start to hurt.  In my case, this starts happening at around 15 minutes and becomes quite painful at around 30 minutes.
  5. How do I make Quest more comfortable?  What is the solution?
    There are several ways to solve the weight distribution of the Quest and Quest 2:
    – One way is to attach a battery pack to the rear of the headstrap.  A battery pack can act as a counterweight and also extend the battery life of your Quest.  The disadvantage is that it detracts from the aesthetics of the Quest.
    – Another option is the VR Power battery pack, which  looks pretty good with an Oculus Quest, except perhaps for the USB cable.
    – A third option is an improved headstrap such as the Oculus Quest Elite Headstrap, Elite Headstrap with Battery, or the “Frankenquest.”  There are also other third party straps.

    VR Power battery pack for Oculus Quest
    VR Power battery pack for Oculus Quest
  6. Oculus Elite Strap or Elite Strap with Battery Pack sounds good.  Should I get those instead?
    The Elite Headstrap and Elite Headstrap with Battery are designed for Quest 2 and they complement it well.  That’s why the Elite Headstrap with Battery Pack was sold out immediately.  But there are three issues with the Elite Strap.  The first issue is that the Elite Strap with Battery is very hard to find.   It has now sold out twice (the re-release has sold out as of the time of this writing).
    The second issue is that some users found that the Elite Strap can break.  Facebook admitted that this issue affected enough users that they announced they would pull the Elite Strap with Battery out of production to look into this problem.  Facebook has since resumed production of the Elite Strap with Battery Pack, but they didn’t say what, if anything, they did to address the issue about the strap breaking.
    The third issue is that the Elite Strap does not work for the original Oculus Quest.
  7. Is Frankenquest comfortable?  Will the Oculus Quest still be front-heavy?
    The Deluxe Audio Strap has no counterweight, so you may be wondering if it can truly solve the Quest’s weight distribution.  The answer is yes.  I’m able to use Frankenquest for prolonged periods (I’ve tried it for a couple of hours).  My daughter has also used it without any issues for as long as an hour.
    How does it compare to the other options?  VR Power does a better job as a counterweight in the sense that I can loosen the headstrap more, but the Deluxe Audio Strap is quite comfortable as well.
  8. My head is larger or smaller than average.  Will Frankenquest fit my head?
    It fits a wider range of head sizes than the standard headstrap.  My head is larger than average and it fits me very well without going anywhere near its limit.  At the same time, it also fits my petite daughter’s head with no problems and no modifications needed.

    The Deluxe Audio Strap has a knob to tighten or loosen the strap
    The Deluxe Audio Strap has a knob to tighten or loosen the strap
  9. What are Frankenquest’s advantages?
    Much more comfortable than Quest.  With Quest and Quest 2, I can use them for about a 30 minutes before my face starts to hurt.
    Better audio quality.  The Quest’s audio quality is decent but the Deluxe Audio Strap has better audio quality.  Nonetheless, if you wish, you can still use the Quest’s own speakers.
    No friction with ears.  The DAS strap is above the ears and does not rub against it.
    Better fit for children. If you’ve tried letting your kids use the Oculus Quest, you’ve probably found that it’s quite loose on their head.  The Frankenquest has a much better fit for my kids.  My daughter was able to use it for as long as an hour without any discomfort.
    Readily available (unlike the Elite Strap with Battery).  As of January 2021, the Deluxe Audio Strap and adapter for Frankenquest are readily available.
  10. What are Frankenquest’s disadvantages?
    No battery pack included.  Unlike the Elite Strap with Battery, the DAS has no battery and won’t extend your battery life.  However, it is possible to attach 3rd party batteries to Frankenquest.
    Harder to find a storage case.  The Frankenquest’s ear phones stick out a little bit, so the more compact cases for the Quest won’t fit the Frankenquest.  But see below re case for Frankenquest.
  11. How much is Frankenquest?
    The Frankenquest modification costs around $99 for the Deluxe Audio Strap and between $10 to $25 for the 3D-printed adapter, which is available from several sources.
  12. How do you install Frankenquest?
    See installation instructions below.
  13. Where can you buy Frankenquest?
    Generally, it is not available as a set.  Instead, you’ll need to purchase the Deluxe Audio Strap, then look for the 3D-printed adapter on Amazon or eBay (be sure to check for adapter compatibility with your VR Headset).
  14. Is there a case for Frankenquest?
    There is no official Frankenquest case yet, but some VR headset cases can work with Frankenquest.  This Playstation VR case has worked for me with Frankenquest 2, although it is a bit bulky and I have to tuck in the ear phones to be able to close the case (the sides of the case bulge out slightly when closed).  I also store the Frankenquest upside down in the case.

    Frankenquest case
    Frankenquest case – I store the Quest 2 upside down

How do you install Frankenquest?

What you need
Besides the Oculus Quest or Quest 2, you’ll need two accessories for Frankenquest:  First, you’ll need the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS) which is currently around $99.  Second, you’ll need an adapter.  The adapters are 3D printed by many vendors and are available on Amazon or eBay for both Quest and Quest 2.

Step 1: Remove Quest’s top strap

Remove the faceplate (I find it easiest to pull the nose part of the faceplate first) and remove the top strap.

Remove the faceplate and remove the top buckle
Remove the faceplate and remove the top strap


Step 2:  Attach the top buckle.

The DAS strap is a bit thicker than that of the Oculus Quest 2 so it can’t fit easily into the original buckle.  Instead, clip your new buckle to the old buckle.  You can now put the faceplate back in place.

Attach the top buckle
Attach the top buckle

Step 3: Remove the side straps.

Next, remove the side straps.  On the Quest 2 you can simply unclip the side straps.  On the Quest 1, you’ll have to pull the straps out of their housing.

Unclip the sides of the existing headstrap
Unclip the sides of the existing headstrap

Step 4: Attach the Frankenquest adapters.

Attach the Frankenquest adapters (one of them should be marked for the left and the other for the right).

Attach the Frankenquest adapters
Attach the Frankenquest adapters

Step 5: Clip the DAS straps to the adapters.

Next, clip the DAS straps to the adapters.  If the adapter’s guides are making it hard to clip the DAS straps, insert the DAS strap to one of the adapter’s guides first then push down on the other one.

Clip the DAS straps to the Frankenquest adapters
Clip the DAS straps to the Frankenquest adapters

Plug the headphone cable to the Quest’s audio jack and that’s it!

Frankenquest 2
Frankenquest 2

Summary; Where to buy

Frankenquest does improve the Quest and Quest 2’s comfort tremendously.  It has a reasonable cost and is easy enough to install.  If you can’t find the Elite Strap with Battery, don’t hesitate to get the Frankenquest.

The Deluxe Audio Strap is available at Amazon.  The adapters for Quest or Quest 2 are available on Amazon and eBay.  In general, the adapters on eBay generally cost less, but the shipping can a take longer time than Amazon Prime.  Thank you very much for using these affiliate links to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you.  Meanwhile, I ‘ve also ordered an Elite Strap with Battery and will update this post to include a comparison when I get it mid-January.

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    • Thanks Ginosergio. I saw it on Amazon too. Thanks for sharing your experience with it! Looks like a good option too. Is it still front heavy when you use it? What’s the longest you’ve used it?

      • Hi Mic,
        My Quest 2 is not front heavy with this strap, it has a good balance. I can keep it in front of my eyes in the right position with good focus without tightening the knob too much.
        I already used it for a full charge (at least 2,5 hours I think!) playing ALYX, and also in a one hour session in ELEVEN TABLE TENNIS with (you can imagine) noticeable head movements….
        Really happy with it.

  • Love my FrankenQuest and especially love the improved audio. Great job of getting the how to details public!

  • I love mine for Quest 2! Anyone found a good stand that supports it? Charging dock will be bonus! I saw a good one on Reddit for quest one but could not find one for a quest 2

  • amazon has bunch of options I spent $32 on a no name brand elite strap with nob in back to tighten then use high sound quality over ear or wireless ear bud depending on what I’m doing in vr. No 3d printing needed easy install awesome fit and sound head strap and top tier sound under the $100 spent just over $100 on all 3 with black Friday deals that are still going.

    Side note: I use my quest as a pc head set with link cable and use Bluetooth sound from pc for wireless ear buds might want want wired ear buds if running stand alone quest