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Perfect stitching for 360 videos OR photos with Mistika VR: tutorial by CreatorUp

Mistika VR tutorial
Mistika VR tutorial

Here is a very helpful tutorial by CreatorUp’s Hugh Hou on using Mistika VR. Hugh’s tutorial also demonstrates how powerful Mistika can be in stitching 360 videos and photos seamlessly (yes it stitches photos as well!).

The other day Hugh posted a low light photo that looked very clean and he challenged people to guess which camera he used. Here is the 360 photo:

Guesses ranged from the Yi 360 VR to Xiaomi to the Theta. It turned out to be from the Insta360 Pro, which no one guessed, and was a little surprising to me because the people were quite close to the camera. At that distance, I would have expected noticeable stitching errors. Indeed, there would have been but Hugh was able to get seamless stitching through Mistika VR, a third party stitcher.

Here is Hugh’s tutorial on how to use Mistika VR and how to use Topaz for noise reduction for low light shots:

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  It’s almost like being able to upgrade the stitching on all your cameras, and it works not just for videos but also photos.  Mistika is available by subscription.