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Have a 360 livestream with the Ricoh Theta S on HugVR

Garmin Virb 360
Garmin Virb 360

Now you can have a 360-degree livestream using your Ricoh Theta S and  The site requires the installation of Ricoh’s recently released USB streaming software.

Founder Norikazu Takagi said he got the idea for Hug VR when he was about to get married.  His grandmother was bedridden in a hospital, 300 kilometers away, and could not attend the wedding. Using a camera, a personal robot, and a head mounted display, his grandmother was able to virtually hug his bride:

Thus, HugVR was born out of the Hug Project.  It doesn’t have a robot interface, but you can feel close enough to hug someone with HugVR and a Ricoh Theta S camera.

Meanwhile, Ricoh has also announced plans to add video communication to the Ricoh Theta S in April.

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