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How to livestream in 360 to Twitter and Periscope

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter and Periscope had their first 360 livestreaming.  Right now, only select accounts are being allowed to livestream, but Twitter and Periscope are gradually rolling out the feature.  
First, you need a compatible camera.  The only camera officially supported right now is the Insta360 Nano (reviewed here), although there will be support for Insta360 Air (hands-on here) and Giroptic iO (hands-on here) as well when they are released.  
If you do have a compatible camera, you’ll need a Periscope or Twitter account.  (If you already have a Twitter account, that will work as a Periscope account).  You can then get on the Periscope waitlist here.  According to some Insta360 Nano users, the wait time is only about a week!
I’ve requested to be on the waitlist and will let you guys know as soon as I get approval.

Update: I got approval, I’ve tried the live stream, and here is a tutorial.

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  • I have been waiting over 6 weeks now and nothing…. I am a silver VIP on Periscope and do some really cool sunrise as well as inspirational scopes and still nothing… Also do adventure scopes like alligator encounters in the swamps of Florida and NASA rocket launches from Kennedy Space Center… all would be so amazing on 360… I signed up on wait list and Im still waiting! My Periscope channel is @weCoach