Hubblo VR heard you, 360 Rumors readers! Plus: launch date revealed!

Hubblo VR has heard you!  You posted your responses requesting sample footage from the Hubblo VR, and here’s Hubblo’s Dan Cunningham responding to you.   And mark your calendars for the Hubblo launch date!

Hubblo is a 3D 360 camera with realtime stitching with 4k resolution.  It will be launching on Indiegogo for $999, becoming the most affordable camera with 4k 3D 360 realtime stitching.  In preparation for their launch, they asked what samples you wanted to see.  You’ve posted your requests, and now here’s Hubblo response:

That amazing attention to customer service is just one of the reasons I’m excited about Hubblo!  And yes, they will be able to get [most of] the shots you asked for.

And to show their appreciation to 360 Rumors’ readers, Hubblo let us in on the launch date for the Hubblo VR!  So mark your calendars: Hubblo is launching on Indiegogo on February 21, 2017 at 1:30 pm EST (10:30 PST)!  (Yes I will be ordering too :D)    Update: Samsung has asked  Hubblo to live stream Samsung’s booth at Mobile World Congress, so Hubblo pushed back the Indiegogo launch to synchronize with its debut at MWC!  See here.

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