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New Insta360 One R accessories available: 360 dive case, vertical battery, and boosted battery

New Insta360 accessories available
New Insta360 accessories available

Several accessories for the Insta360 One R (reviewed here) are now available to order: the 360 module dive case, the vertical battery, and the boosted battery.

The dive case enables a clear, undistorted 360 view underwater.  The dive case can also be used above water.  To ensure correct stitching, you’ll need to check the correct stitching option in Insta360 Studio, i.e., “Dive Case (Above Water)” or “Dive Case (Under Water),” as the case may be.  Please note that the case will be visible in the nadir of the shot, just as with the dive case of the Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V.  Note also that to use the One R with the dive case, you’ll need the vertical battery (see below), which is included with the aerial edition but can also now be ordered separately.

You will need the vertical battery for the dive case
You will need the vertical battery for the dive case

The vertical battery base is an alternative battery for the One R that puts the camera in a vertical orientation.  It is designed for use with the 360 mod.  One advantage of using the vertical battery is that the lens becomes in-line with the tripod hole.  However, the vertical battery base is not designed for use with the 4K wide mod or 1-inch mod.  Moreover, the One R is not waterproof when used with the vertical battery.  The vertical battery base has a USB-passthrough port, so you won’t have to remove the battery to connect the One R to your PC.

Boosted battery base with foldable GoPro mount
Boosted battery base with foldable GoPro mount

The boosted battery base is another alternative battery for the One R.  It is similar to the standard battery but has twice the capacity.  Besides the extended battery life, the boosted battery makes it faster to switch modules because it has a built-in foldable GoPro mount, so you won’t have to use the standard camera bracket.   However, when using the boosted battery, the One R is not waterproof.  In addition, you won’t be able to use the optional lens guards with the boosted battery, therefore you won’t be able to use the One R in rough environments.

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  • I’m getting a little frustrated that Insta360 keeps releasing things/firmware for One r and Go but nothing for the One X. No love.

    • One X is sold out in most places and bhphoto lists it as “discontinued.” That could be why.

  • Says we can buy the 360 dive case for one R. Not on their site yet do you know when they are going to be able to order?

    • Hi Craig. The dive case is already on their site. Click on the non-360 dive case and see the options below it, which include the 360 mod dive case.

  • Why on earth is the boosted battery not waterproof? Seriously? What!? Not waterproof? Is there a reason its not waterproof?

    • Hi Steve. Part of the reason the one r is waterproof is that its bracket holds the modules together tightly. For the boosted base, there are only clips holding the modules together, so the fit is not snug enough to make it waterproof.

  • Mic – thanks for clarifying that it IS available, their website makes it hard to find. Can you clarify where is the mounting bracket, I can’t really see it from any of the stock images. Would I be able to mount this on GoPro type mounts once it’s in the case?

    • Mounting bracket for the dive case? It uses a standard 1/4-20 tripod hole, so if you want to use it with a gopro accessory, you’ll need a gopro to 1/4-20 adapter.

  • Hey, Mic. Thank you for all of the amazing content. I was chatting with an online Insta360 customer representative the other day because I was wanting to know if the One X would be back in stock or if it had been discontinued. The customer rep told me that they have not been discontinued ‘yet’ and they will be back in stock sometime in June. (Also, it seems like Insta 360 and vendors are currently discounting all of the One X accessories on their sites) Then, as I was asking about the Evo/Nano S/One R as an alternative, they told me to keep an eye on the website for the release of the One R Real Estate Edition…..which obviously got my attention. They wouldn’t confirm any sort of date for its release, or any of the specifics of the package.

    Across your videos, written material, and comment responses I’ve noticed your insistence that the One R is a highly underrated camera.

    I’m currently trying to make a purchase that will be used for real estate virtual tours, and I don’t want to buy the One R yet if there may be some sort of specialized package about to come out . However, my feelings are that the new One R Real Estate Edition will essentially be the vertical battery, core, and 360 lens stacked just like the image in the article above. As you state, “The vertical battery base is an alternative battery for the One R that puts the camera in a vertical orientation. It is designed for use with the 360 mod. One advantage of using the vertical battery is that the lens becomes in-line with the tripod hole.” This all leads me to think that this will ultimately be offered in a package with a selfie stick and tripod, similar to the One X Real Estate Kit in the enterprise section of their site. https://store.insta360.com/product/onex_real_estate_kit

    I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this. Could the release simply be waiting on the speculated integration with Matterport?

    • I don’t know Tom, but the aerial edition is reportedly in short supply. They use the same split lens, so it could be a while.

      • Thanks for the info. Looking at their website, it’s unclear which additional mod/bundle/parts would be needed to shoot VR180 with two 1″ cameras. The aerial edition appears to be two 4k cameras, not the two 1″ cameras as pictured in the 3D mount.

  • I am currently in the market for a new action camera and the Insta360 One R definitely has my attention. One of the sports I shoot is scuba diving. The idea of attaching a 360 camera to me during a dive is awesome. Are you aware of anyone that makes colored filters for the 360 lenses? It will not be worth taking the camera diving if I can’t capture brilliant color.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Steven. Good question. Right now, Freewell Gear is producing ND filters for One R. But they have not announced a red filter for underwater yet.

      Best regards,